Python interface to ESP8266MOD WiFi smart devices from Shenzhen Xenon
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Build Status

Python 2.7 and Python 3.6.1 interface to ESP8266MOD WiFi smart devices from Shenzhen Xenon. If you are using the Jinvoo Smart App, this allows local control over the LAN. NOTE requires the devices to have already been activated by Jinvoo Smart App (or similar).

Key extraction has background information for how to get device id and local key. (the device id can be seen in Jinvoo Smart App, under "Device Info").

Known to work with:


import pytuya

d = pytuya.OutletDevice('DEVICE_ID_HERE', 'IP_ADDRESS_HERE', 'LOCAL_KEY_HERE')
data = d.status()  # NOTE this does NOT require a valid key
print('Dictionary %r' % data)
print('state (bool, true is ON) %r' % data['dps']['1'])  # Show status of first controlled switch on device

# Toggle switch state
switch_state = data['dps']['1']
data = d.set_status(not switch_state)  # This requires a valid key
if data:
    print('set_status() result %r' % data)

# on a switch that has 4 controllable ports, turn the fourth OFF (1 is the first)
data = d.set_status(False, 4)
if data:
    print('set_status() result %r' % data)
    print('set_status() extrat %r' % data[20:-8])

TODO demo timer (with comment not all devices support this, one way to check, is to check Jinvoo Smart App and see if there is a clock icon that is not dimmed out).

Encryption notes

These devices uses AES encryption, this is not available in Python standard library, there are three options:

  1. PyCrypto
  2. PyCryptodome
  3. pyaes (note Python 2.x support requires

Related Projects


  • Major breakthroughs on protocol work came from from the reverse engineering time and skills of codetheweb and blackrozes, additional protocol reverse engineering from jepsonrob and clach04.
  • nijave pycryptodome support and testing
  • Exilit for unittests and docstrings
  • mike-gracia for improved Python version support
  • samuscherer for RGB Bulb support
  • magneticflux- for improved Python version support
  • sean6541 - for initial PyPi package and Home Assistant support