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If there is not a padlock icon in the address bar or the address is not, then this document could have been tampered with in-transit. Please verify that your browser securely accessed this document before using the hashes below.

How to verify a TenFourFox package

If you are downloading TenFourFox on a hostile or insecure network where data could be tampered with, or just want to make sure it downloaded correctly before filing a trouble ticket, you can certify your download with the hashes below.

To check the hash for your file, download it from SourceForge, but do not decompress it. Start (located in the Utilities folder within the /Applications folder). At the prompt, type (but do not press RETURN yet):

openssl dgst -ripemd160 

Type a single space after the text above. Then, drag the .zip file you downloaded into the Terminal window. Its path will be added to the command. Press RETURN in the Terminal window. You should see a result like this:

RIPEMD160( e6637dff473f68d2b4a4b6b920c70183d8658dea

Verify it in the table below (make sure you are looking at the right version and filename). If this matches, you can be very confident that your browser was downloaded correctly and was not tampered with during transit. You can continue with decompressing and installing it at this point.

Only the last two versions are displayed. You should always use the most current version if you are in a security-sensitive situation.

Stable release hashes

TenFourFox FPR8

RIPEMD160( 187e9a34493a988dacab13a1aed5d1b8e00001e7
RIPEMD160( b82de23fc7f3ef12c018f5f1afafb4ce7bc7c0be
RIPEMD160( 463bc25d1dfdf73755ddd5ee84bf6fc409e54437
RIPEMD160( c6f2ac97e7ea8570e8898bf79ee232bfa9103129

TenFourFox FPR7

RIPEMD160( 3811dd0cde27383c7e65dfd67926f024ecd023df
RIPEMD160( 6b8e326f8ead90463ed2e8895575b232abf1ad26
RIPEMD160( cc8b577c75ca07f3f87b9490c2da4bcf4ba1bbad
RIPEMD160( 32be44ca37e5969502f14f1f119a93a399fe930b

Unstable release hashes

TenFourFox FPR9b2

RIPEMD160( 19fc045f12ae73816c38041ea801392285c6dd8d
RIPEMD160( 84950f12fe9facd23e41027827c48d910169fc60
RIPEMD160( 19f0a7ef0f7978c121d0ee714e1c8ac6fd0bc385
RIPEMD160( c9641ffd58397d2c1daaef145b6b491694277a80
RIPEMD160( 38ad0c8bb0126f724681b236005c19bf5c07df13

TenFourFox FPR9b1

RIPEMD160( 169db5fbb6a784f660c919122d646b1fd8a86cc2
RIPEMD160( a650b8ed2f44fb1b66707ea51b2806e83f32502c
RIPEMD160( 4cfe852193be60fad07827193df9fab0ad4c103b
RIPEMD160( 2bbfb16299d9d1687232e9965f59867918240658
RIPEMD160( d84b0fa5ef8590ca04548ee52bd49d0f5f73f42e

TenFourFox FPR8b1

RIPEMD160( 85a628bfe8ce62bf62f394d1b8c38a4eaa0ffb98
RIPEMD160( a56910136248614ca75da8b2f7370f3b6de08d1e
RIPEMD160( 12e3fc59d71f0f8aae37e3c8555a75c999ac5a5f
RIPEMD160( bd229432868db453a9465260a1a3cf8c775fa6bd
RIPEMD160( 68a69c3e5793efdf08b34fb89b808ef70494712d
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