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This is a beta release and is subject to change

Release notes for TenFourFox Feature Parity Release 21

TenFourFox FPR21 is a performance, bugfix and security update. Please read the release notes below for important information on using the browser. We may periodically revise this document with late-breaking information, so check back for updates if you have difficulty.

Starting with FPR18, TenFourFox moves to a four-week update cycle parallel with mainline Firefox.

System requirements

TenFourFox (hereafter "10.4Fx") requires a G3 Power Macintosh, Mac OS X 10.4.11, 200MB of free disk space and 512MB of RAM. 1GB of RAM and a G4 or G5 processor is strongly recommended. Video playback is likely to be poor on systems slower than 1.25GHz; a G5 is recommended. Mac OS X 10.5.8 is supported. Although the browser may run under Mac OS X Server, it is not currently supported.

Intel Macintoshes are not supported. Although some users have reported success getting the G3 version of 10.4Fx to run under Rosetta, certain features may not work correctly or at all on Intel Macs, and you may need to completely disable JavaScript compilation for it to work with Rosetta (see the FAQ for more information). Because Apple no longer supports Rosetta and 10.4Fx is not a Universal binary, it will not run under Lion 10.7 or any subsequent version of Mac OS X or macOS.

Before upgrading the browser

If you are updating from TenFourFox 38 or 45 and you use foxboxes, make sure that all foxboxes are shut down before updating the browser. If you plan to use the browser at the same time as your foxboxes, please start the browser before starting any foxboxes. If you do not use foxboxes, no special steps are required.

Otherwise, if you are updating from TenFourFox 38 or 45, no special steps are required.

If you are updating from (or still use) Firefox 3.6, your bookmarks may no longer be compatible. We advise you export your bookmarks to HTML so that you can reimport them into TenFourFox if there is a problem. Before updating, open the Bookmarks Organizer in Firefox 3.6 by pressing Command-Shift-B, click the "star" Import & Backup button and choose Export HTML... to save them to HTML. If your bookmarks fail to transfer to the new version of TenFourFox, press Command-Shift-B again (this time, in TenFourFox), click the "star" icon, select Import Bookmarks from HTML..., and choose your backed-up HTML bookmarks. You should not use Firefox 3.6 if you are using a current version of TenFourFox, as you will lose data by switching back and forth between Firefox 3.6 and TenFourFox, and doing so is not supported with any version of the browser.

Getting TenFourFox

Make sure you select the appropriate build for your Mac from the main site download page. The G3 version will run on any supported Macintosh, but it will not take advantage of the additional features of G4 or G5 processors. The G4 and G5 versions will not run at all on a G3, and the G5 version will perform badly or crash on non-G5 Macintoshes.

All current downloads are hosted on SourceForge. We recommend getting the most recent version directly from the main TenFourFox website, but you can also browse files in the secure TenFourFox SourceForge repository if you prefer.

If you are using a G4, you should try to choose the correct version for your processor generation (7400 or 7450 "G4e") as performance may be impaired if you run the wrong one. If you don't know which type you have, we can help.

If you are in a high security environment, on a network where the integrity of your downloads cannot be guaranteed, or just want to verify the browser downloaded correctly, you can certify the integrity of your copy of TenFourFox with a checksum.

TenFourFox is a fork of Firefox

TenFourFox uses modified Firefox source code, rewritten to remain compatible with Mac OS X v10.4 and the Power Macintosh. It also contains specific optimizations and special features for PowerPC processors. For this reason, it is not exactly the same as Firefox. However, it is intended to be as compatible with it as possible, including most add-ons and most standard features. Because its foundation is based on what was originally Firefox 45, you can treat 10.4Fx as a superset of Firefox 45 under most circumstances and it is generally compatible with Firefox 45, with specific exceptions noted below.

Note that add-ons which require an Intel Macintosh will not work with TenFourFox, even if they are otherwise compatible with Firefox 45, and add-ons that require 10.5 Leopard (or higher) may not be compatible with TenFourFox running on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, even if they are compatible with PowerPC. In addition, add-ons based on WebExtensions are not compatible with any version of TenFourFox.

TenFourFox does not support plugins or Flash

Plugins on PowerPC are of special concern because Mozilla is making updates to their plugin architecture which may require the plugins themselves to be updated, and there are certain difficult-to-correct bugs with them already on Tiger. Most importantly, QuickTime, Java and Adobe Flash for PowerPC are no longer maintained and have known security risks that can crash, perform malicious operations or leak data, and Flash 10.1 is rapidly becoming unsupported by many applications.

For these and other reasons, TenFourFox does not run plugins and they cannot be enabled. Bug reports will not be accepted. Sites will now act as if no plugins were installed at all. Earlier versions that allowed an undocumented plugin support mode are no longer supported.

For Internet video, TenFourFox natively plays WebM on sites such as YouTube, and can play H.264/MPEG-4 video from sites such as Vimeo with the TenFourFox MP4 Enabler package. Internet video playback is only supported on 1.25GHz or faster G4 and G5 computers.

You can also download videos for separate viewing using Perian and any of the available video download sites or add-ons. For sites that absolutely will not work without Flash or other plugins, a tool such as SandboxSafari may make it possible to run those plugins more safely outside of the browser.

Please note we cannot offer user support for these alternatives ourselves. Here is a more in-depth explanation of this policy and other workarounds.

What's new in this version of TenFourFox

What's fixed in this version of TenFourFox

  • All relevant security and stability fixes from Firefox ESR 68.7 (issue 596).

Known issues specific to TenFourFox

If you don't see your problem here, please consult the FAQ before filing a report at Tenderapp:

  • Remember: Plugins do not work in TenFourFox and cannot be enabled. Here is an explanation and suggested workarounds.
  • Starting in version 38, the new tab page is always blank for technical reasons.
  • Starting in version 38, the default search provider is now Yahoo, not Google. You can change it back from the preferences page.
  • 10.4Fx does not currently support WebGL, WebRTC, the Web Speech API or the webapp runtime, and scripts such as Arabic or Indic requiring glyph reordering or language-specific ligatures may not appear correctly without OpenType or Graphite fonts (see issue 5 for more information).
  • TenFourFox intentionally uses a different chrome for windows and dialogue boxes than prior versions or the official Mac Firefox.
  • Bitmap-only fonts (usually Type 1 PostScript) cannot be used by the 10.4Fx font renderer and are automatically ignored by the browser. A fallback font will be used in their place.
  • Facebook "like" options may appear blank, even though they can still be clicked on and used. This is a technical issue that cannot be easily worked around (issue 453).
  • Personas and certain custom skins may hide the "traffic light" window buttons, but they are still present and will work if hovered over or clicked on (issue 247).
  • The "traffic light" buttons are misplaced on private browsing windows if the title bar is enabled (not the default). They function normally otherwise.
  • Not all webcams are supported; in addition, multiple webcams may not all appear depending on how they are connected (issue 221). Here is a list of supported webcam devices.
  • Printing may crash the browser on Mac OS X Tiger Server (issue 279). Please note that Mac OS X Server is not supported currently.
  • Crash reporting is intentionally disabled to avoid polluting Mozilla's crash tracking system with our reports. Please use your system's crash logs if you are reporting a reproducible crash. Crashes that cannot be reproduced cannot be fixed, so please include detailed instructions on how to reliably trigger the crash with your report.
  • Although 10.4Fx will tell you when an update is available, you must download updates manually at this time.

You are welcome to report other bugs that you find. Please report these issues to Tenderapp and an authorized volunteer reviewer will triage them for the worklist. Do not file issues on Github unless you are an authorized contributor or have been specifically instructed to do so.

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