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This is a project called wifi_speed_tracking created by Clayton Blythe on 2017/04/10 Email:

Tracking wifi speeds

Background: I was finding myself disappointed and frustrated with the speed of the wifi at my university. So I used a terminal client called speed-test cli that allows you to test your wifi speed from the command line. I then piped this result to a wireless speed log file in text form. Finally, I automated this process with a crontab command, and created a python file to clean the wireless speed log file and plot it in matplotlib. Below is an example of the result.

I used a crontab command of the following form to run every 60 minutes.

*/60 * * * * (date >> /users/claytonblythe/Desktop/Mega/Data_Science/projects/wifi_speed_tracking/code/wireless_speeds.log) && (/usr/local/bin/speedtest-cli --simple | sed -n 2,3p >> /users/claytonblythe/Desktop/Mega/Data_Science/projects/wifi_speed_tracking/code/wireless_speeds.log) &

Alt Test

Here it looks like that the wifi speed that I've been connected has been quite variable over the past couple months that I've been tracking it. I plan on allowing this scheduled wifi speed tracker run for months in the background of my laptop, so that I can track how my wifi speed changes over time depending on the various locations/cities that I am located in.

Another interesting possibility is to do this tracking for the rest of my life, to get a real first-hand measure of how quickly wifi speeds have increased throughout my lifetime. I think that this type of data would be really interesting, as it would provide real data for my specific experiences.


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