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JSend's implementation writen in Go(golang)

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This package is an implementation of JSend specification written in Go(golang).


go get


Usage is pretty simple.

// success response
jsend.Success(w, data)
// fail response
jsend.Fail(w, data)
// error response
jsend.Error(w, message)
// error response with extra code
jsend.ErrorCode(w, message, code)
// error response with extra code and data
jsend.ErrorCodeData(w, message, code, data)

It can also be integrated with web framework, such as Gin, Echo, CleverGo:

// success response
ctx.JSON(http.StatusOK, jsend.New(data))
// fail response
ctx.JSON(http.StatusOK, jsend.NewFail(data))
// error response
ctx.JSON(http.StatusOK, jsend.NewError(message, code, data))

Checkout example for details.

Error Handling

It is application responsibility to handle error.

Status Code

By default status code http.StatusOK was used implicitly, it can also be specified by the last parameter if necessary.

jsend.Success(w, data, http.StatusOK)
jsend.Fail(w, data, http.StatusForbidden)
jsend.Error(w, message, http.StatusInternalServerError)