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Want to contribute to Clojars?

Thanks for your interest in helping out!

Donate Time

If you want to get involved in the maintenance/development of Clojars, you can:

  • Join the maintainers mailing list, and contribute to the discussions there
  • Take a look at the list of open issues, and see if there are any you can implement or contribute to the design/discussion. Issues that the administrators have decided to consider are generally marked with the :ready tag.

Donate Money

We're using Bountysource (salt) to raise funds to support Clojars. The funds will be used for (in priority order):

  1. paying hosting costs
  2. building an emergency fund, in case the volunteer maintainers need to work long hours to deal with a breach or failure, or we need to hire outside expertise
  3. contract out large enhancements/improvements
  4. compensating the volunteer maintainers for their efforts

If you are interested in donating, visit our team page on Bountysource (salt). This is mainly designed for individual contributors currently - if you are a company wanting to provide sponsorship, get in touch.

You can see the list of other supporters on our backers page.

Donate ???

If you have another idea of a way you can help with Clojars, drop us a line.