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Pushing is the process of uploading a jar to the Clojars repository so that others can use it.

Note that you can only push to the Classic repository; files can be promoted to the Releases repository only from the Classic repository.

leiningen 2.0.0

lein deploy clojars

This will prompt you for your username and password. It is also possible to have them read from an encrypted file.

leiningen 1.x

Add a deploy-repository for clojars to ~/.lein/init.clj:

(def settings
  {:deploy-repositories {"clojars-https" {:url ""
                                          :username "username"
                                          :password "password"}}})

Then you can deploy with

lein deploy clojars-https


Add clojars to the pom.xml:

      <name>Clojars repository</name>

Add authentication info to settings.xml:


Then you can deploy with

mvn deploy

It is possible to have encrypted credentials.

Boot 2.x

Boot has tasks defined in bootlaces for this purpose.

boot build-jar push-snapshot
boot build-jar push-release

This will prompt you for your username and password, but you can specify it as environment variables too.

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