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This wiki page is for suggestions for Clojure/conj 2016 "Unsessions". Unsessions give you the opportunity to propose your own topics and find others with similar interests. We'll have several rooms available at the conference hotel on the night of Thursday, December 1st.

  • When: Thursday, December 1, 7:30-10:30 pm (1 hour slots)
  • Where: Hilton Austin
  • Equipment: Projectors and screens will be available in all but the last room
Time Salon H (AV) Salon J (AV) 615AB (AV) Salon K (no AV)
7:30 pm Altruism Engineering Cursive Embedded Clojure and Lisps Cryptography & Security
8:30 pm Software eng support for scientists Use GraphQL for your API with graphql-clj zprint Writing bots for Zetawar
9:30 pm DIY Nanotech Building Composable Abstractions Workshop Polya Problems ClojureScript and React Native


## Cursive
  • Hosted by: Colin Fleming
  • Description: Cursive is a Clojure development plugin to IntelliJ. Want to know what Cursive is all about, or already using it and have questions? Come along for some feature demos and get all your questions answered.
  • Interest: patfogarty, @spicytango, @dewittium, @danidou

## Altruism Engineering
  • Hosted by: Richard Möhn
  • Description: I will take 15 minutes to tell you the story of Norbert the engineer who engineered his altruism. He starts out by stating the problem X: How can I maximally and measurably improve the lives of other people with the resources I have and in a way that fits with my life? Norbert applies engineering principles to solve this problem and take action. (Hint: The solution will be far from “exchange the lightbulbs in my house”, “volunteer with filling sandbags for hurricane damage prevention”, or “donate to the Salvation Army”.) Then you'll join in: together we will see how to branch out from Norbert's story to find solutions to X for everyone individually. Let's put the Clojure community in the lead for more altruism in tech!
  • Interest: Michael Cameron, tdaudelin, eggsyntax, patfogarty, eigenhombre, @dschmudde, @loganmhb, @doriancb, @chopmo, @colinfleming, @khiemlam, @benkamphaus
  • Slides and more info

## Use GraphQL for your API with graphql-clj
  • Hosted by: Lei Wang
  • Description: Did you try to write API document and keep it up to date? Did you try to write one API for web application and native mobile apps? GraphQL might be the answer for you. With GraphQL you will have introspection system for your API, and you will be able to use same API for all your clients without over-fetching or under-fetching. Even better, it will provide you a type system for your API, you will get all the benefits of a typical type system like static type checking.

First half of the session will be presentation about GraphQL and graphql-clj, second half will be live demo and hands on workshop to get you started with GraphQL in about 15 minutes.

  • Interest: Michael Cameron, patfogarty, @chopmo, @hby, @cldwalker, @khiemlam, @jwalsh, @danidou

## Software engineering support for scientists
  • Hosted by: Will Byrd
  • Description: I've been working with biochemists at Stanford and Harvard, providing pro bono software engineering help for their research on glycobiology, which I hope will eventually help my friends and their son (http://matt.might.net/articles/my-sons-killer/). I've learned that many labs doing biomedical research--even at prestigious universities--are in desperate need of even basic software engineering expertise. I suspect others in the Clojure community may be interested in sharing their skills to quicken the pace of biomedical research.
  • Interest: Marshall Thompson, tdaudelin, eggsyntax, patfogarty, @loganmhb, @colinfleming, @erewhon, @jonsmock, @djwhitt, @hby, @dewittium, @cldwalker, @jwalsh, @richhickey, @timothypratley, @benkamphaus, @0x1b

## DIY Nanotech
  • Hosted by: Will Byrd
  • Description: My father, my friend Tom, and I are building a scanning tunneling microscope (STM) that is capable of resolving individual atoms. Our STM is based on a low-cost design by Dan Berard (https://dberard.com/home-built-stm/). We're hoping to not only image surfaces at atomic resolutions, but to also move atoms around. If you are interested, you could build your own STM with us! Image atoms! Move atoms! Build a space elevator in your apartment! (Results may vary...)
  • Interest: Michael Cameron, jwkoelewijn, eggsyntax, patfogarty, @chopmo, @colinfleming, @erewhon

## Building Composable Abstractions Workshop
  • Hosted by: Eric Normand

  • Description: This is going to be a workshop-style session where we take a domain you're interested and know something about and turn it into an abstraction using the step-by-step process from Eric Normand's talk. Bring your domain problem and we'll go through the steps. 1. Physical metaphor 2. Construction of meaning 3. Implementation

  • Interest: jwkoelewijn, patfogarty, @spicytango, @dschmudde, @clojuregeek, @gdeer81, @hby, @jwalsh, @joshaaronjones

## Cryptography & Security
  • Hosted by: Michael Swieton

  • Description: I've long been interested in cryptography and its uses and misuses, and security and mishaps. I'd enjoy chatting about security-related topics ranging from what the different cryptographic primitives are for (hashes, password hashes, public/private keypairs, etc), and all of the security pitfalls outside of software and in the real world (including things like side-channel attacks, social engineering and famous heists.) This will be a fun and casual chat that is not clojure-specific.

  • Interest: jwkoelewijn

## Embedded Clojure and Lisps
  • Hosted by: Hunter Hutchinson

  • Description: There are many efficient powerful microprocessors used for robotics and embedded electronics. There are a large number of extremely cheap ($5 to $30) development boards useful for robotics and "IOT" applications which can run a JVM or NodeJS on Linux, therefore hosting clojure. Additionally there are many very effecient embedded Scheme compilers and interpreters for MCUs like ARM, Atmel AVR, ESP8266 and PIC. Please bring your hardware and show off. Let's discuss what people have done and hope to do with embedded lisps.

  • Interest:: @dschmudde, @loganmhb, @hby, @joshaaronjones, @0x1b, @mtm

## Pretty print your Clojure(script) code and data with zprint
  • Hosted by: Kim Kinnear

  • Description: Do you care how your code looks? Would you like to see more of your code in your editor window, and have it still look good? Come hear about zprint, a new pretty printing library for Clojure and Clojurescript code and data. I'll spend a few minutes at the beginning showing you what zprint can do for you and pointing out some of its useful features that you might miss. I will also briefly discuss how to configure it (and how to figure out what you configured). After that, I'll be soliciting input about how you think Clojure(script) code should look and be collecting ideas for future improvements to zprint.

  • Interest: @chopmo, @colinfleming, @hby

## Writing bots for Zetawar
  • Hosted by: David Whittington
  • Description: Zetawar is a turn based strategy game implemented in ClojureScript as a single page web application. Come learn about the architecture of Zetawar and how to write your own Zetawar AI bots.
  • Interest: @rmoehn

## Polya Problems -- Collecting Practical Challenges for Clojure Students and Teachers
  • Hosted by: Conor White-Sullivan

  • Description: When does a situation call for use of transducers? When should you be using core.async? core.logic? core.matrix? One of the best ways to test your understanding of a concept is to try to formulate a word problem that requires its use. Let's do that. 4Clojure is a great resource many have used to get started in Clojure, but what if we had a similar resource for practicing more practical problems, and seeing how others might solve them? In this session, we'll work together to generate a collection of simple real-world problems that can be used to help developers at a variety of skill levels learn new concepts. At the very least we can publish these problems, perhaps we could do more.

  • Interest: @timothypratley, @djwhitt, @dewittium, @0x1b

## ClojureScript and React Native
  • Hosted by: Gabriel Horner
  • Guide: https://gist.github.com/cldwalker/3043504e79c389bec5ebd2a4f4fa8a57
  • Description: ClojureScript and React Native are a promising stack for building mobile apps. I'll share my experiences building a basic OCR app using this stack that runs on android and ios. Come by to share your experiences or just learn about the possibilities!
  • Interest: @cldwalker
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