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A tool to run workshops with
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A tool for running workshops easily in the cloud!

WARNING: This tool is pre-alpha and under heavy development. Don't use it for anything very important quite yet! However, contributions are very welcome!

Quick Start

  1. workshopctl init -- Give information about what cloud provider to use (and its token), and what domain to serve on (e.g.
  2. workshopctl gen --clusters 40 -- Generate 40 unique sets of Kubernetes manifests, one per cluster.
  3. workshopctl apply -- Creates the clusters in the cloud, and applies the manifests

Boom! A Visual Studio Code instance running in the browser is now available at The VS Code terminal has full privileges to the Kubernetes cluster, so the attendee may easily access kubectl, helm and docker (if needed) for completing the tasks in your workshop. You can also provide pre-created materials in VS Code for the attendee.

How this works

workshop gen generates unique manifests for any number of workshop clusters you need. The base unit for writing the manifests is Helm Charts, but with a twist. We're using jkcfg ("Javascript Kubernetes", configuration as code) to both preprocess the values.yaml file, and the output from Helm.

In other words the flow looks like this:

workshopctl gen -> jk run values.js -> helm template -> jk run pipe.js -> clusters/XX/manifest.yaml

`workshopctl gen`: from 1 -> {clusters (e.g. 50)}, do:
--> Find Helm chart in manifests/<name>/chart
---> Preprocess `values.yaml` using `jk run values.js`
----> Run `helm template` for the given `values.yaml`
-----> Pipe the content into `jk run pipe.js`, which patches the Helm output on the fly
------> Save content to cluster/$i/<name>.yaml
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