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This page documents how to install and configure CloudCoder.

If you encounter any issues installing CloudCoder, please open an issue in our issue tracker. Also, emailing wouldn't be a bad idea.

Our goal is to make installing and maintaining CloudCoder super easy. If you have any suggestions on how we do a better job of achieving this goal, please let us know! Just create a new issue in the issue tracker.


Bootstrap - Setting up a new CloudCoder installation on an Ubuntu or Debian Linux server: read this first.

AlternateBootstrap - Setting up a new CloudCoder installation on some other variety of Linux or Unix (such as Amazon Linux or Fedora).

PostInstall - Things you can configure after the initial setup: read this next.

Upgrade - How to upgrade CloudCoder to the most recent version.

Additional Resources

Provisioning - Recommendations for provisioning servers to run CloudCoder based on the number of students who will be using it.

UsingEC2 - How to set up an Amazon EC2 server to run CloudCoder.