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Hue is a Web application for interacting with Apache Hadoop. It supports a file and job browser, Hive, Pig, Impala, Spark, Oozie, HBase, Solr, Sqoop2, ZooKeeper and more.

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Replace charade with BeautifulSoup which has an MIT license.
BeautifulSoup can also use chardet just in case.
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Welcome to the repository for Hue

Hue is an open source Web UI for doing big data with Hadoop.


It features:

  • File Browser for accessing HDFS
  • Hive Editor for developing and running Hive queries
  • Impala App for executing Impala queries
  • Search App for querying and exploring data with Solr
  • Spark Editor and Dashboard
  • Pig Editor for submitting Pig scripts
  • Oozie App for submitting and monitoring workflows, coordinators and bundles
  • HBase Browser for visualizing and modifying HBase tables
  • Metastore Browser for accessing Hive metadata and HCatalog
  • Job Browser for accessing MapReduce jobs (MR1/MR2-YARN)
  • Job Designer for creating MapReduce/Streaming/Java jobs
  • A Sqoop 2 Editor and Dashboard
  • A ZooKeeper Browser and Editor
  • A DB Query Editor for MySql, PostGres, Sqlite and Oracle

On top of that, a SDK is available for creating new apps integrated with Hadoop.

More user and developer documentation is available at

Getting Started

To build and get the development server running:

$ git clone
$ cd hue
$ make apps
$ build/env/bin/hue runserver

Now Hue should be running on http://localhost:8000 !

The configuration in development mode is desktop/conf/pseudo-distributed.ini.

Note: to start the production server (but lose the automatic reloading after source modification):

$ build/env/bin/supervisor

To run the tests:

Install the mini cluster (only once):
$ ./tools/jenkins/ slow

Run all the tests:
$ build/env/bin/hue test all

Or just some parts of the tests, e.g.:
$ build/env/bin/hue test specific impala
$ build/env/bin/hue test specific impala.tests:TestMockedImpala
$ build/env/bin/hue test specific impala.tests:TestMockedImpala.test_basic_flow

Development Prerequisites

You'll need these library development packages and tools installed on your system:

  • ant
  • gcc
  • g++
  • libkrb5-dev
  • libmysqlclient-dev
  • libssl-dev
  • libsasl2-dev
  • libsasl2-modules-gssapi-mit
  • libsqlite3-dev
  • libtidy-0.99-0 (for unit tests only)
  • libxml2-dev
  • libxslt-dev
  • mvn (from maven2 package or tarball)
  • openldap-dev / libldap2-dev
  • python-dev
  • python-simplejson
  • python-setuptools
  • ant
  • asciidoc
  • cyrus-sasl-devel
  • cyrus-sasl-gssapi
  • gcc
  • gcc-c++
  • krb5-devel
  • libtidy (for unit tests only)
  • libxml2-devel
  • libxslt-devel
  • mvn (from maven2 package or tarball)
  • mysql
  • mysql-devel
  • openldap-devel
  • python-devel
  • python-simplejson
  • sqlite-devel
MacOS (mac port):
  • liblxml
  • libxml2
  • libxslt
  • mysql5-devel
  • simplejson (easy_install)
  • sqlite3

File Layout

The Hue "framework" is in desktop. /core/ contains the Web components and desktop/libs/ the API for talking to Hadoop. The installable apps live in apps/. Please place third-party dependencies in the app's ext-py/ directory.

The typical directory structure for inside an application includes:

for Python/Django code
for configuration (.ini) files to be installed
for static HTML/js resources and help doc
for data to be put through a template engine
for localizations in multiple languages

For the URLs within your application, you should make your own which will be automatically rooted at /yourappname/ in the global namespace. See apps/about/src/about/ for an example.

Main Stack



Apache License, Version 2.0

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