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This is the list of tables in the regular ‘mangos’ database

(Reloadable) – are in-game reloadable with the .reload command.

(Core) – Changes to these tables are to be commited and reviewed in CMaNGOS-Core Repositories NOT CMaNGOS-DB Repositories due to their complexity and relations.

(Classic) (TBC) (WotLK) (Cata) – used since or only in a certain version of CMaNGOS-Core

Table Content
achievement_criteria_requirement contains what need to be done to complete an achievement criteria.
achievement_reward contains the rewards for achievements added with Wrath of the Lichking.
areatrigger_involvedrelation (Reloadable) Enable a trigger to finish one condition of a quest (explore)
areatrigger_tavern (Reloadable) Enable a trigger when player enters a city or tavern. This causes the player to enter a resting state.
areatrigger_teleport (Reloadable) contains all the teleport triggers definition. This table is used to complete .dbc file information.
battleground_events contains the description of battleground events.
battleground_template contains information about the different battlegrounds.
battlemaster_entry holds information on which NPC can start what battleground or arena.
broadcast_text holds all the texts.
broadcast_text_locale holds translations for broadcast_text
combat_condition holds complex checks for executing combat events on units for creature_spell_list
command (Reloadable) holds help and security information for commands.
conditions With this table and the new conditions it is possible to create tree like and very complicated combined conditions.
creature contains individual creature spawn data. Spawn of a creature is an instance of the creature object in the world.
creature_addon defines different things that are applied on creature with a certain GUID when it is loaded.
creature_ai_scripts (Reloadable) ACID (Artificial Creature Intelligence Database) EventAI
creature_ai_summons (Reloadable) is used to provide NPC support for an event using action 32 = ACTION_T_SUMMON as one of its Actions.
creature_battleground contains the description of creatures spawned on battlegrounds.
creature_conditional_spawn contains creatures GUID that is spawned in INSTANCES depends of PLAYERS Faction Alliance/Horde.
creature_cooldowns ?
creature_equip_template contains all equipment mobs can wear.
creature_immunities Contains Immunities, that can not be set by MechanicImmuneMask (Taunt Immunity, Curse of Tongues Immunity)
creature_involvedrelation (Reloadable) holds NPC quest ender relations on which NPCs finishes which quests.
creature_linking Creature Linking for Aggro/Respawn/Movement/Event by GUID
creature_linking_template Creature Linking for Aggro/Respawn/Movement/Event by ENTRY
creature_loot_template (Reloadable) Creature Loot
creature_model_info contains all models of mobs, their gender and other information that are model related.
creature_model_race contains data to override displayed models based on the race of the player.
creature_movement holds all the information on each single GUID creature’s waypoints.
creature_movement_template holds all the information on each single ENTRY creature’s waypoints.
creature_onkill_reputation controls the reputation given by creatures when killed by other players.
creature_questrelation (Reloadable) holds NPC quest giver relations on which NPCs start which quests.
creature_spawn_data link between individual creatures GUID and creature_spawn_data_template
creature_spawn_data_template contains data to override spawned creatures UnitFlags, Faction, ModelId, EquipmentId, CurHealth, CurMana, SpawnFlags
creature_spawn_entry holds multiple creature_template.entry a creature.guid can be spawned as. = 0
creature_spell_list holds basic creature combat information, supplymented by creature_spell_list_entry and creature_spell_targeting (hardcoded target values for creature_spell_list
creature_template contains the description of creatures.
creature_template_addon defines different things that are applied on creature with a certain ENTRY when it is loaded.
creature_template_classlevelstats Unit Base Stats
creature_template_spells holds creature spell data
costum_texts ?
db_version contains the version of the DB in use.
dbscript_random_templates holds randomize texts and relay scripts
dbscripts_on_creature_death (Reloadable) holds scripts activated when a creature dies.
dbscripts_on_creature_movement (Reloadable) holds scripts activated while a npc is moving.
dbscripts_on_event (Reloadable) holds scripts activated whenever an event is activated by spell, gameobject or taxi waypoints.
dbscripts_on_go_template_use (Reloadable) holds possible scripts activated by gameobjects.
dbscripts_on_go_use (Reloadable) holds possible scripts activated by GAMEOBJECT_TYPE_DOOR and GAMEOBJECT_TYPE_BUTTON.
dbscripts_on_gossip (Reloadable) holds scripts activated on gossip_menu_option or gossip_menu.
dbscripts_on_quest_end (Reloadable) holds scripts activated when a player finishes a quest.
dbscripts_on_quest_start (Reloadable) holds scripts activated when a player accepts a quest.
dbscripts_on_relay (Reloadable) holds scripts that are relayed from AI or other dbscripts.
dbscripts_on_spell (Reloadable) holds scripts that can be activated by spells
disenchant_loot_template (Reloadable) Item disenchant loot
exploration_basexp controls the XP gained by characters when they explore new zones.
faction_store Faction.dbc
fishing_loot_template (Reloadable) Fishing loot
game_event contains definitions for all game events that are activated or deactivated automatically by the Game Event System in the core.
game_event_creature contains all creature instances that have to be spawned/unspawned during defined game events.
game_event_creature_data contains all creature instances that need to change display id and/or equipment during defined game events.
game_event_gameobject contains all gameobjects instances that participate to any game event.
game_event_mail ?
game_event_quest holds quests, which are only active during certain events.
game_event_time ?
game_graveyard_zone (Reloadable) Contains informations about zones connected to world’s graveyards.
game_tele contains a list of teleport locations that can be used with the .tele command in-game.
game_weather holds the percentages for weather changes in various zones.
gameobject holds the individual object data on each spawned game object in the world.
gameobject_addon Nondefault animprogress, state, path_rotation
gameobject_battleground contains the events of gameobjects which are spawned on battlegrounds.
gameobject_involvedrelation (Reloadable) holds game object quest taker relations.
gameobject_loot_template (Reloadable) Gameobject loot
gameobject_questrelation (Reloadable) holds game object quest giver relations.
gameobject_spawn_entry holds multiple gameobject_template.entry a gameobject.guid can be spawned as. = 0
gameobject_template contains template off all world’s objects.
gameobject_template_addon Artkit Data
gossip_menu (Reloadable) contains displayed gossip when a player talks to an NPC.
gossip_menu_option (Reloadable) holds infos about menu options a gossip NPC can have.
gossip_texts holds gossip texts used in ScriptDevAI.
instance_dungeon_encounters ?
instance_encounters ?
instance_template (Core) contains all the templates for every instance.
item_convert ?
item_enchantment_template holds enchantment chance information for items that should have either a random property or a random suffix attached to them.
item_expire_convert (Reloadable) contains pairs of times which turn into an other item after a certain amount of time.
item_loot_template (Reloadable) Item loot
item_required_target (Reloadable) These spell effects require a specific target in either alive or dead state (for creatures).
item_template holds information on every item that exists in the game.
locales_areatrigger_teleport ?
locales_creature is used to provide to localized clients with localized string for creatures.
locales_gameobject is used to provide to localized clients with localized string for gameobjects.
locales_gossip_menu_option ?
locales_item is used to provide to localized clients with localized string for items.
locales_npc_text is used to provide localized clients with localized string for npc_texts.
locales_page_text is used to provide localized clients with localized string for page_texts.
locales_points_of_interest ?
locales_quest is used to provide to localized clients with localized string for quest templates.
locales_questgiver_greeting is used to provide to localized clients with localized string for questgiver_greetings.
locales_trainer_greeting ?
mail_level_reward (Reloadable) holds information on sent mails when a character levels up. Can be specified by raceMask.
mail_loot_template (Reloadable) ?
mangos_string holds all of the strings used internally by the server.
milling_loot_template Milling loot
npc_spellclick_spells (Reloadable) holds information about spells to be casted upon receiving CMSG_SPELLCLICK.
npc_text contains the texts that are used for gossip.
npc_text_broadcast_text Should replace npc_text as new npc_text at some point
npc_trainer holds the spell data for all trainers by ENTRY.
npc_trainer_template holds the spell data for all trainers by TrainerTemplateId.
npc_vendor holds the vendor data for all NPCs that sell items by ENTRY.
npc_vendor_template holds the vendor data for all NPCs that sell items by VendorTemplateId.
page_text holds the text for letter items.
pet_familystats ?
pet_levelstats holds information on individual pet base stats based on level.
pet_name_generation holds pieces of names (first and last half) that are use for pet name generation.
petcreateinfo_spell controls what spells a tameable beast will have once tamed.
pickpocketing_loot_template (Reloadable) Pickpocketing loot
player_classlevelstats holds information on the base health and mana of characters when they level up. Each class has different level stats.
player_levelstats holds information on the base health and mana of characters when they level up. Each class has different level stats.
player_xp_for_level includes information on how much experience needed for next level. Comes from sniffs.
playercreateinfo holds the start positions of each class-race combinations for all newly created characters.
playercreateinfo_action holds information on what default actions a brand new character should start out with.
playercreateinfo_item holds information on what items each race-class combination of a new character starts out with.
playercreateinfo_skills holds information on what skills newly created characters should start out with.
playercreateinfo_spell holds information on what spells newly created characters should start out with.
points_of_interest (Reloadable) comes from sniffs.
pool_creature contains all pooled creatures by GUID that are part of a pool_template.
pool_creature_template contains all pooled creatures by ENTRY that are part of a pool_template.
pool_gameobject contains all pooled gameobjects by GUID that are part of a pool_template.
pool_gameobject_template contains all pooled gameobjects by ENTRY that are part of a pool_template.
pool_pool contains pool of pools. You can create a pool with a chance of a range of pools in that pool being activated.
pool_template contains all pool instances that participate to any game event.
prospecting_loot_template (Reloadable) Prospecting loot
quest_poi (Reloadable) comes from sniffs.
quest_poi_points (Reloadable) comes from sniffs. Visually speaking, this table is used to identify the X and Y coordinates on the map (not the minimap – the main map) where a quest’s question mark should appear.
quest_template (Reloadable) contains all basic definitions of quests available.
questgiver_greeting (Reloadable) contains texts sent by certain quest creatures/objects.
reference_loot_template (Reloadable) reference loot (loot groups)
reference_loot_template_names (Reloadable) Holds names of commonly used reference_loot_template
reputation_reward_rate (Reloadable) holds reputation multipliers for specific factions.
reputation_spillover_template holds information about the Reputation Bleed Over -Effect
reserved_name (Reloadable) serves as a simple list of names that players (gmlevel == 0) cannot use when naming their characters.
script_texts (Core) holds all the texts used by core scripted creatures/entities (ScriptDev)
script_waypoint (Core) ?
scripted_areatrigger (Core) This table links areatriggers to C++ scripts.
scripted_event_id (Core) This table links event id’s to C++ scripts.
skill_discovery_template (Reloadable) controls the so called “discovery” system of learning spells.
skill_extra_item_template holds information about when using certain profession spells, you have the chance of creating more than one copy of the item.
skill_fishing_base_level controls the minimum skill level required in fishing to fish in a certain area.
skinning_loot_template Skinning loot
spam_records Anticheat
spawn_group Defines how groups of entities spawn spawn_group_entry, spawn_group_formation, spawn_group_linked_group, spawn_group_spawn
spell_affect (Reloadable) holds information on what spells are affected by what spell mods.
spell_area (Reloadable) holds information on what spells are applied to npcs/players in some areas.
spell_chain (Reloadable) defines spell chains. A spell chain is a series of spells which all share the same name and all do the same thing.
spell_check ?
spell_cone holds Degrees for Cone spells
spell_elixir (Reloadable) holds elixir information to be used to properly stack the elixirs.
spell_facing ?
spell_learn_spell (Reloadable) holds information on spells that should be learned at the same time a player learns another spell.
spell_loot_template (Reloadable) Spell loot
spell_pet_auras ?
spell_proc_event (Reloadable) holds information on how certain spells activate, which proc other spells.
spell_proc_item_enchant (Reloadable) holds information (ppmRate) for item (weapon) enchants
spell_script_target (Reloadable) holds information on spell effects which require a specific target in either alive or dead state (for creatures).
spell_scripts (Core) holds ScriptName of spells scripted in Core
spell_target_position (Reloadable) holds coordinate information on where the player should be teleported to when a spell with effect SPELL_EFFECT_TELEPORT_UNITS.
spell_template (Core) contains the description of spells.
spell_threat (Reloadable) holds threat values on all spells that should either give or take away threat.
string_id holds ids and strings connection between string_id variables. StringId is assigned to a world object, and then enables querying. Effectively supercedes guid, entry, or other kind of targeting, and enables custom targeting from spells or even per dbscript.
taxi_shortcuts (Reloadable) holds information about shortcuts for each individual taxi flight.
trainer_greeting ?
transports contains all type 15 transports (Boats and Zeppelins).
unit_condition contains data used for condition checks on units
vehicle_accessory ?
warden_scans Anticheat
waypoint_path paths linked to spawn_groups
waypoint_path_name path names linked to spawn_groups
world_safe_locs ?
world_template (Core) holds the ScriptNames of the world maps 0, 1, 530, 571
worldstate_expression holds data for evaluating worldstate conditions. On more info about worldstate variables go to Worldstates
worldstate_name holds data on worldstate variables used for CONDITION_WORLDSTATE
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