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Visit to download newest EFI

Sorry to inform you that the efi here will not update in time because of the lack of efforts, thus, if you want to experience Macos 10.15 Catalina / 11.0 BIG SUR or better experience, please visit to download the efi you want.

Please attention that: Our BLOG is free for register~

We alse provide teaching video and other tools you need for your hackintosh, before you start your journey, please read the statment as carefully as you can.

The models below are all supported for macos in our site(

  1. Mechrevo Z2(8th cpu/10th GPU)
  2. Mechrevo X8ti(8th cpu/10th GPU)
  3. Mechrevo X8ti plus(8th cpu/10th GPU)
  4. Mechrevo Z2AIR(8th cpu/10th GPU)
  5. Mechrevo S1 PLUS(8th cpu/10th GPU)
  6. Mechrevo S1 PLUS New( 8265U/MX250 )
  7. Mechrevo Z2 G(9th cpu/ 16th gpu)
  8. Mechrevo Z2 R(9th cpu/ 20th gpu)
  9. Mechrevo X9TI(9th cpu/ 20th gpu)
  10. Mechrevo Z2 AIR(9th cpu/ 16th gpu)
  11. Mechrevo X3(9th cpu/ 16th gpu)
  12. Mechrevo X8TI-G(9th cpu/ 16th gpu)
  13. Mechrevo S1PRO(8th cpu/mx250)
  14. Mechrevo S1(8th cpu/mx250)
  15. Mechrevo S1(8th cpu/mx150)
  16. Mechrevo X7TI(7th cpu/10th gpu)
  17. Mechrevo X7TI-S(6th cpu/10th gpu)
  18. Mechrevo X1(7th cpu/10th gpu)
  19. Mechrevo X2(8th cpu/ 10th gpu)
  20. Mechrevo X6TI-S(7th cpu/ 10th gpu)
  21. Mechrevo X6IT-S(6th cpu/ 10th gpu)
  22. Mechrevo X6TI-M2(6th cpu/ 9th gpu)
  23. Mechrevo Z1(6th cpu/ 10th gpu)
  24. Mechrevo X6(4th cpu/ 8th gpu)
  25. Mechrevo X6S(4th cpu/ 9th gpu)
  26. Mechrevo X3S(1Oth cpu/16th gpu)
  27. Mechrevo Z3(10th cpu/16th gpu/20th gpu)
  28. Mechrevo Z3 AIR(1Oth cpu/16th gpu)
  29. Mechrevo Z3 AIR S(1Oth cpu/16th gpu)
  30. Mechrevo umi air(1Oth cpu/16th gpu)
  31. Mechrevo umi air 2(1Oth cpu/16th gpu)
  32. Mechrevo x10ti(1Oth cpu/20th gpu)
  33. Mechrevo X10TI S(1Oth cpu/20th gpu)
  34. Mechrevo Z3(1Oth cpu/20th gpu) GOOD LUCK~


The EFI files for Mechrevo to start hackintosh

All files are updating, join tecent QQ group:436905405 or 948023419 to find more helps.


The EFI files for Mechrevo to start hackintosh






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