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  1. Download the current release.
  2. Unzip to a location of your choice.
  3. To open the application, double click the EbcdicCompare.exe icon.


This tool allows you to view and compare EBCDIC-encoded files. In order to decode any EBCDIC file, you will need an additional schema file that describes the fields found in the EBCDIC file. This additional schema file, called a "copybook file", is an XML file with a .fileformat extension that contains a description of each field contained in the EBCDIC file. These copybook schemas reflect the COBOL copybook that was used to write out the file initially.

Here is an example of a copybook file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ASCII"?>
<FileFormat ConversionTable="IBM01047" dataFileImplementation="IBM i or z System" distinguishFieldSize="0" newLineSize="0" headerSize="0" >
	<RecordFormat cobolRecordName="TEST" distinguishFieldValue="0">
		<FieldFormat Decimal="0" DependingOn="" ImpliedDecimal="false" Name="ID" Occurs="1" Picture="3(9)" Signed="false" Size="9" Type="3" Value=""/>
		<FieldFormat Decimal="0" DependingOn="" ImpliedDecimal="false" Name="NAME" Occurs="1" Picture="X(12)" Signed="false" Size="12" Type="X" Value=""/>
		<FieldFormat Decimal="0" DependingOn="" ImpliedDecimal="false" Name="VALUE" Occurs="1" Picture="9(6)" Signed="true" Size="6" Type="9" Value=""/>

View EBCDIC File

How to view an EBCDIC file

Note: Instead of clicking "Browse" to locate a file, you can drag the file from Windows Explorer into the appropriate file text box.

Compare EBCDIC File

How to compare two EBCDIC files

Associate Copybook With EBCDIC File

If you find yourself constantly viewing / comparing the same EBCDIC files over and over again, you can associate a copybook with an EBCDIC file so that the next time you go to view / compare that EBCDIC file, the copybook will automatically be selected.

How to associate copybook with EBCDIC file


Contributions are welcome! Ensure that any code that you submit has at least 80% code coverage and that solution actually builds. You can run the GenerateUnitTestMetrics.bat file to obtain this information.

Once you are satisfied with you changes, please open up a pull request.


  1. The EBCDIC decoding functionality was obtained from the SummerBatch project.


Identify differences between IBM Mainframe-encoded EBCDIC files.








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