ISCC: International Standard Content Code
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ISCC Specification

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The International Standard Content Code is an open standard for decentralized content identifiers. This repository contains the specification of the ISCC Standard and a reference implementation in Python3. The latest published version of the specification can be found at

Installing the reference code

The reference code is published with the package name iscc on Python Package Index. Install it with:

pip install iscc

Using the reference code

A short example on how to create an ISCC Code with the reference implementation.

import iscc

# Generate ISCC Component Codes
mid, title, extra = iscc.meta_id('Title of Content')
cid = iscc.content_id_text('some text')
did = iscc.data_id('path/to/mediafile.doc')
iid, tophash = iscc.instance_id('path/to/mediafile.doc')

# Join ISCC Components to fully qualified ISCC Code
iscc_code = '-'.join([mid, cid, did, iid])

Working with the specification

The entire ISCC Specification is written in plain text Markdown. The markdown content is than built and published with the excellent mkdocs documetation tool. If you have some basic command line skills you can build and run the specification site on your own computer. Make sure you have the Git and Python installed on your system and follow these steps on the command line:

git clone
cd iscc-specs
pip install -r requirements.txt
mkdocs serve

All specification documents can be found in the ./docs subfolder or the repository. The recommended editor for the markdown files is typora. If you have commit rights to the main repository you can deploy the site with a simple mkdocs gh-deploy.


Pull requests and other contributions are welcome. Use the Github Issues section of this project to ask questions or discuss ideas for the ISCC Specification.


All of documentation is licensed under the CC-BY-SA 4.0 license (c) 2017 Content Blockchain Project.

Reference code is licensed under BSD-2-Clause.