Dump Kext information from 32bit iOS kernel cache. Applicable to the kernel which dump from memory
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Dump Kext information from 32bit iOS kernel cache. Applicable to the kernel which dump from memory. The disassembly framework used is Capstone

Contact build license paypal

64bit version of iOS:

64bit(aarch64): ioskextdump

64bit version of iOS10:

64bit(arm): ioskextdump_ios10

Dump Kext info For Mac:

64bit(x86_64): mackextdump

This is the arm 32bit version of ioskextdump

For kernel which dump from memory

Use iosdumpkernelfix to correct the Mach-O header before analyze it, Otherwise The analysis results are not complete list of Kexts

How to use


git clone https://github.com/cocoahuke/ioskextdump_32.git && cd ioskextdump_32

Compile and install to /usr/local/bin/

make install


Usage: ioskextdump_32 [-e] [-p <access directory path>] <kernelcache>

-e Specify the export mode
-p Specifiy a folder path that contains the data file or export data file to there

Example to use I left a sample iOS9.2 kernelcache in the test directory, try to run this command

ioskextdump_32 -e -p test test/iPhone5_9.2_kernel.arm

You will see all Inheritance relationship is empty and allClass_relation.plist saved success should be at end of program print

Inheritance relationship:

Then try same command removes -e

ioskextdump_32 -p test test/iPhone5_9.2_kernel.arm

ioskextdump_32 will print contain lists of inheritance and override functions:

15.0x80772000 - 0x80799000 com.apple.iokit.IOHIDFamily

total 20 modInit in com.apple.iokit.IOHIDFamily

******** 0:com.apple.iokit.IOHIDFamily *******
(0x80774464)->OSMetaClass:OSMetaClass call 4 args list
vtable start from addr 0x8078a2ec
Inheritance relationship:

0 func:0x80772b51  scalar_i:0x0  struct_i:0x0  scalar_o:0x2  struct_o:0x0
1 func:0x80772b71  scalar_i:0x1  struct_i:0x0  scalar_o:0x0  struct_o:0x0
2 func:0x80772b79  scalar_i:0x0  struct_i:0x0  scalar_o:0x0  struct_o:0x0

Cannot detect override methods in this program, I was added in [ioskextdump](https://github.com/cocoahuke/ioskextdump program, 32bit device get outdatedness more and more :), anyway 32bit devices are get older and outdatedness :)

Any question just Email me