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GridX Overview

A fast rendering, well modularized and plugin architecture based Grid.

Besides supporting a rich set of popular features, GridX is optimized and extremely capable of supporting huge dataset.

GridX is consisted of:

  • A compact and lightweight core
  • A flexible plugin machinery with comprehensive module life-cycle and conflict management
  • A rich and extend-able set of modules which can be loaded on demand.

GridX is available under Dojo Toolkit CLA with the same BSD/AFLv2 license

Current Versions:


  1. CPM installation with the following command:

    cpm install gridx

  2. Manual installation by putting GridX at the same level as Dojo, e.g:

    • dojo
    • dijit
    • dojox
    • gridx

GridX works best with Dojo 1.7.2 or higher.

Quick ways to know GridX

GridX Home Site (in progress)

Please also check out GridX Home Site for more details on how GridX can help you.

GridX Team

Please contact us if you have got any questions. We really appreciate any suggestions or fix patches to improve GridX.

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