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A ruby on rails starter website that uses the effective_gems.
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Effective Website

This is a rails starter website that uses most of the effective_* gems.

Ruby 2.5.0. Rails 6.0.rc1

Live Demo

Click here for a Live Demo.

Login as with password be_effective.

Getting Started

git clone
cd effective_website
cp .env.example .env  # Fixes SECRET_KEY_BASE errors
rails db:create db:migrate db:seed
rails server

Login as with any password.

  • Search the entire project for 'example' and fill in your site specifics.
  • Good luck!

Run tests with

rails test
rails test:system

rails test:bot:environment
rails test:bot:system

Create/Configure an S3 Bucket

You will need an AWS IAM user with sufficient priviledges and a properly configured S3 bucket to use with effective_assets

Log into AWS Console

Create an S3 Bucket

  • Click Services -> S3 from the top-left menu
  • Click Create Bucket
  • Give the Bucket a name, and select the US East (N. Virgina) region.
  • Click Next, Next, Next
  • Don't configure permissions yet, we still have to create a user
  • Click Next

Configure CORS Permissions

  • From the S3 All Buckets Screen (as above)

  • Click the S3 bucket we just created

  • Click the Permissions tab

  • Click CORS configuration and enter the following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<CORSConfiguration xmlns="">
  • Click Save

The Bucket is now set up and ready to accept uploads, but we still need a user that has permission to access S3

Create an IAM User and record its AWS Access Keys

  • After logging in to your AWS console

  • Click Services -> IAM from the top-left

  • Select Users from the left-side menu

  • Click Add user

  • Give it a user name

  • Check Yes Programmatic access, No AWS management console access

  • Click Next: Permissions

  • Click Create group

  • Give it a name like 's3-full-access'

  • Sroll down and select 'AmazonS3FullAccess'

  • Click Create group

  • Click Next: Review

  • Click Create user

  • Record the Access key ID and Secret access key.

Copy these values into your .env file.

This user is now set up and ready to access the S3 Bucket previously created.


MIT License. Copyright Code and Effect Inc.


rails test
rails test:system
rails test:bot:environment
rails test:bot

rails test:system TOUR=true
rails test:bot TEST=admin/clients#index


  1. Fork it
  2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
  3. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Add some feature')
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  5. Bonus points for test coverage
  6. Create new Pull Request
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