A Python utility for moving bookmarks/reading lists between services
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Reading List Mover

Copy bookmarks between Instapaper, Readability, Pocket, Pinboard, Delicious, Diigo, GitHub, StackOverflow and Twitter.

Here's a small Python library to copy bookmarks/favourites between a number of online services. The library supports Instapaper, Readability, Pocket (formerly ReadItLater), Pinboard, Delicious, Diigo, GitHub*, StackOverflow* and Twitter* ('*' indicates export only).

To use the library you will need to populate your copy of the config.txt file with the details of your accounts on the services that you are going to use. In the case of Readability, Pocket, Instapaper, Diigo and Twitter you will also need to apply for an API key:

You will also need to have the oauth2 Python library installed on your system.

Here's an example showing how to copy all your bookmarks from one service to another:

Copy from Pocket to Readability

# Copy all bookmarks from Pocket to Readability
pocket = buildPocket()
readability = buildReadability()

for b in pocket.getBookmarks():

You can also use the library to export a list of your bookmarks for use as a backup:

Export all Delicious bookmarks

# Print out all bookmarks from Delicious
delicious = buildDelicious()

for b in delicious.getBookmarks():
    print b['title'] + ': ' + b['url']