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This repository has been archived by the owner on Jan 10, 2023. It is now read-only.


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⚠️ Deprecation Warning ⚠️

On February 1, 2022, this uploader will be fully sunset and no longer function

We recommend all users migrate to the uploader to prevent any breakages in usage. You can learn more about our deprecation plan and the new uploader on our blog.

Codecov Bash Uploader

Upload reports to Codecov for almost every supported language.


Deployed Version

Running the bash uploader

# All CI
bash <(curl -s
# Pipe to bash (Jenkins)
curl -s | bash -s - -t token
#                                           ^ add your extra config here

# No bash method
curl -s > .codecov
chmod +x .codecov

⚠️ Verifying the bash uploader

As an additional layer of security, users may wish to check the script against the provided SHASUMs.

curl -fLso codecov;
VERSION=$(grep -o 'VERSION=\"[0-9\.]*\"' codecov | cut -d'"' -f2);
for i in 1 256 512
  shasum -a $i -c --ignore-missing <(curl -s "${VERSION}/SHA${i}SUM")

or for older versions of shasum

curl -fLso codecov;
VERSION=$(grep -o 'VERSION=\"[0-9\.]*\"' codecov | cut -d'"' -f2);
for i in 1 256 512
  shasum -a $i -c <(curl -s "${VERSION}/SHA${i}SUM" | grep -w "codecov")


Codecov supports many languages, you can find a full list here:

Other Usage

Below are most commonly used settings. View full list of commands to see the full list of commands.

# public repo on Travis CI
  - bash <(curl -s
# private repo
  - bash <(curl -s -t your-repository-upload-token
# Flag build types
  - bash <(curl -s -F unittests
# Include environment variables to store per build
  - bash <(curl -s -e TOX_ENV,CUSTOM_VAR

When running the codecov-bash uploader on Alpine Linux, you are likely to run into a parsing issue because of the default shell. To be able to upload reports, you need to issue the following commands.

  - apk -U add git curl bash findutils
  - bash -c '/bin/bash <(curl -s'

Prevent build failures

If Codecov fails to upload reports, you can ensure the CI build does not fail by adding a catch-all:

bash <(curl -s || echo "Codecov did not collect coverage reports"

CI Providers

Company Supported Token Required
Travis CI Yes Build Status FOSSA Status Private only
Azure Pipelines Yes Private only
CircleCI Yes Private only
Codeship Yes Public & Private
Jenkins Yes Public & Private
Semaphore Yes Public & Private
TeamCity. Yes Public & Private Yes Public & Private
AppVeyor Yes Private only
Bamboo Yes Public & Private
Bitbucket Yes Public & Private
Bitrise Yes Public & Private
buddybuild Yes Public & Private
Buildkite Yes Public & Private
Heroku Yes Public & Private
Wercker Yes Public & Private
Shippable Yes Public & Private
Gitlab CI Yes Public & Private
Buildkite Yes Public & Private
GitHub Actions Yes Private only
Cirrus CI Yes Public & Private
AWS CodeBuild Yes Public & Private
git Yes (as a fallback) Public & Private


  1. Jenkins: Unable to find reports? Try PWD=WORKSPACE bash <(curl -s


To automatically update the hash files after a change to the Codecov uploader script, run


which will add the pre-commit hooks. You can also update the hash files manually via:

for i in 1 256 512; do shasum -a "${i}" codecov > "SHA${i}SUM"; done

and add the change to your pull request.


FOSSA Status