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MiniTwit an example application written in Python/Flask

Original source code from

Docker instructions

To create a docker image execute:

docker build . -t minitwit

To run the docker image execute:

docker run -p 5000:5000 minitwit and visit with your browser http://localhost:5000

To run unit tests inside the container execute:

docker run minitwit python test

Original Readme


because writing todo lists is not fun

What is MiniTwit?

A SQLite and Flask powered twitter clone

How do I use it?

  1. edit the configuration in the file or export an MINITWIT_SETTINGS environment variable pointing to a configuration file.
  2. install the app from the root of the project directory pip install --editable .
  3. tell flask about the right application: export FLASK_APP=minitwit
  4. fire up a shell and run this: flask initdb
  5. now you can run minitwit: flask run

the application will greet you on http://localhost:5000/

Is it tested?

You betcha. Run the python test file to see the tests pass.