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The ChatOverflow framework started as simple idea of three computer science students. Fast forward, three years later, we built a large framework which exceeded our expectations. Unfortunately, the choice of Scala as main programming language limited the number of volunteers which are crucial to an open-source project like this. Additionally, the distance to modern web-based frameworks with good integrations of used APIs impaired the progress.

We choose to abandon ChatOverflow but not the idea behind it. We still aim to create a framework for simplified development of streaming-centric services. We choose to build upon node-cg, a popular framework for creating overlays and integrations for livestream events. We created node-cg-io which realizes the vision of ChatOverflow using node-cg.

TL;DR ChatOverflow is deprecated. Use our successor node-cg-io instead.

Legacy Readme

What if you could combine the power of

  • Chat bots like nightbot, moobot and botler
  • Supporting services like StreamElements, Streamlabs, TipeeeStream, Loots and
  • Social Media and Chat software, e.g. Twitter, Discord, YouTube etc.

with your interactive chat in your livestream. What if you could easily react on events, e.g.

  • Automatically share your new subscribers on twitter
  • Automatically control your studio's lighting colors through chat messages
  • Automatically post an user's cheer on your minecraft server
  • Automatically upload a youtube video with stream highlights when your stream stops

and so much more. We know, there is IFTTT. But sometimes, building blocks are to generic and services aren't optimized for your streaming environment.

The alternative: Develop everything by yourself and waste hundreds of hours with API-integration. We already solved this problem for you. This is Chat Overflow.

The ChatOverflow Project

Chat Overflow is a plugin framework, which offers ready-to-use platform integrations for all* major streaming- and social-media-sites.

Chat Overflow enables you to to level up your stream by writing simple, platform-independent plugins in java or scala**.

It's getting even better: The Chat Overflow license allows you to sell your custom plugins, creating new services for other streamers.

And it's so easy. Here is all the code to get started with a simple twitch chat bot:

 twitchChat = require.input.twitchChat()
 twitchChat.get.registerMessageHandler(msg => ...)

Chat Overflow fills the gap between simple but limited services like IFTTT and own from-scratch developed applications.

Current development state: Pre-Alpha

* There are still missing platforms. This is a open-source project. You can help, too!

** The API is written in java. So, every JVM-compatible language is possible. Java, Scala, Kotlin, etc.

Installation / Releases

Head over to releases.

Just download the newest zip file, make sure that java is installed and launch the framework.

Note that you'll have to develop your own plugins or search for plugins online (e.g. on our Discord Server). Chat Overflow is only the framework.


Start with the Installation. Then learn more about the CLI.

Please consult the wiki to learn how to code new platform sources and new plugins.

Pre-Alpha note: Please note that the development workflow and the documentation will be updated soon.


The perfect place if you need help with the framework, found a bug or want to share your own plugin:


About Code Overflow

Code Overflow started as a coding-livestream project from 3 computer science students @ KIT, Karlsruhe. Now, it is a team of free open-source developers, sitting all over the world (really, lol). The project is headed by skate702.


What if you could combine the power of chat bots, streamer support sites and social media? This is chat overflow.