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Chat Overflow is a framework to enable better interaction in livestream events by connecting several inputs and outputs, e.g. chat messages, sub notifications and screen overlays.
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Imagine an IFTTT, solely developed for livestreaming. Living in a event-triggered environment, chat overflow reacts on inputs like twitch chat, sub messages, bits, ...

Looking for a new chat bot, stream overlay or custom lighting in your living room, whenever someone subscribes? Everything can be developed with the easy-to-use API from the chat overflow framework.

One example: Chatbot. Starting with two lines of code:

 twitchChat = require.input.twitchChat(...)
 twitchChat.get.registerMessageHandler(msg => ...)

Chat overflow fills the gap between simple but limited services like IFTTT and own from-scratch developed applications.

Current development state: Pre-Alpha

Chat Overflow Framework

The framework contains all information to connect to livestream inputs and outputs. Combined with the API Project, plugins can be executed. They provide defined behavior, e.g. the public plugins.


Start with the Installation. Then learn more about the CLI.

Please see the wiki to learn how to code new platform sources and new plugins.


Chat Overflow releases are not yet available. ETA Q2 2019.


The perfect place if you need help with the framework, found a bug or want to share your own plugin:


About Code Overflow

Code Overflow started as a coding-livestream project by three computer science students @ KIT, Karlsruhe and is headed by skate702.

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