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ColdBox Platform

ColdBox is a set of modern tools and libraries that will accelerate your web development productivity.


  1. coldbox-platform coldbox-platform Public

    A modern, fluent and conventions based HMVC framework for ColdFusion (CFML)

    ColdFusion 298 169

  2. coldbox-cli coldbox-cli Public

    The official ColdBox CLI for CommandBox

    ColdFusion 3 2

  3. coldbox-zero-to-hero coldbox-zero-to-hero Public template

    CBOX-120: A Complete course to become a ColdBox Zero to Hero. This course is given usually on-site or virtually.

    ColdFusion 22 18

  4. coldbox-sublime coldbox-sublime Public

    ColdBox Platform Sublime IDE Package

    ColdFusion 14 7

  5. vscode-coldbox vscode-coldbox Public

    VSCode support for ColdBox

    TypeScript 6 4


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