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Open source camera hack for the FrostBite engine
C C++
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OpenGameCamera (OGC) is a free, open-source camera tool for Frostbite games. Our aim is to build a cinematic tool with the freedom to allow content creators, modders and PC users to create stunning artwork.

Discord Server

For communication, support, sharing, and development, join our Discord server here


Download the latest release from Here. Pre-release builds only include a DLL, which must be injected manually.


You'll need a DLL injector to load it into the game, you can download my old one here.

You will also need to install this (C++ redistributable)

The game must be running when you inject the DLL and you must run the injector with administrative permisssions.

Key Bindings

Action Key
Show/Hide OpenGameCamera Home
Enter/Exit camera F5
Ignore input F6
Show/Hide UI F7
Time-freeze F8
Move camera WASD
Cam up Space
Cam down Ctrl
Fast move Shift
Slow move Alt
Eject mod End


Code Structure

File Purpose
Source.cpp The entrypoint of the modification, and where all of the magic happens
MouseManager.hpp Management class for hooking the mouse state, allowing the mod to enable/disable the cursor at will
KeyMan.cpp/hpp HotKey management. Also defined here are the default keybindings.
Renderer.hpp Code for hooking into the engine's DebugRenderer functions.
Menu.hpp Using renderer.hpp, this code allows easily building and displaying menus.
Candy.hpp Hooking class. Allows VTable hooking, and a wrapper for MinHook.
Typedefs.hpp Contains typedefs used for our hooks.
sdk.hpp The reverse-engineered game classes.
BasicTypes.hpp Definitions for things like vectors and matrices. Serves to replate DirectX.

Building guide

The code is designed to be easily built. You don't even need the DirectX SDK installed.

  1. Clone, or download and extract
  2. Open OpenGameCamera in Visual Studio
  3. Build (Ctrl-B)


Here you can find extended documentation, as well as explantions on various concepts.

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