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The easiest way to access your cloud.

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What is Granted?

Granted is a command line interface (CLI) application which simplifies access to cloud roles and allows multiple cloud accounts to be opened in your web browser simultaneously. The goals of Granted are:

  • Provide a fast experience around finding and assuming roles

  • Leverage native browser functionality to allow multiple accounts to be accessed at once

  • Encrypt cached credentials to avoid plaintext SSO tokens being saved on disk

What does Granted work with?

Granted supports MacOS, Linux, and Windows. Our Windows support is less extensively tested than other platforms so if you run into any problems please let us know.

Currently Granted supports accessing roles in AWS. If you'd like to see support for another cloud provider please open an issue!


Get started by reading our documentation.


See for information on how to contribute. We welcome all contributors - join our Slack to discuss the project!


See for security information. You can view our full security documentation on the Granted website.