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Tasks sometimes fail when interacting with a vault backend #1499

jdeppe-pivotal opened this issue Aug 17, 2017 · 7 comments


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commented Aug 17, 2017

Bug Report

  • Concourse version: 3.3.1
  • Deployment type (BOSH/Docker/binary): BOSH
  • Infrastructure/IaaS: AWS
  • Browser (if applicable):

We have recently started using vault to manage some credentials and occasionally see this error when tasks start:

Finding variable 'docker-username': Get http2: no cached connection was available

The job then fails to start.

Not sure if this is relevant: golang/go#16582

@jdeppe-pivotal jdeppe-pivotal changed the title Tasks fail when interacting with a vault backend Tasks sometimes fail when interacting with a vault backend Aug 17, 2017
@vito vito added the resiliency label Aug 30, 2017
@jama22 jama22 added this to Research 🤔 in Runtime Sep 15, 2017

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commented Sep 18, 2017

I get this too, usually when a lot of tasks kick off at the same time (~20) that need values from vault (4 per task). Without looking at the net/http2 library deep in the vault client library I suspect its some sort of connection pooling that takes place thats being exhausted?


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commented Nov 19, 2017

same here as commented here hashicorp/vault#3203

Concourse: 3.6.0
Vault: 0.9.0
Both are in the same network ( no transport issue possible )

Seems like this could indeed be a go-lang issue golang/go#16582 ..

Could that be related to golang/go#22091 (comment) in concourse?


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commented Dec 15, 2017

Also having this issue. Any update?


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commented Jan 4, 2018

bump! We're still encountering instability due to this issue.


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commented Jan 6, 2018

Just hit the issue, myself! We're running Concourse v3.8.0 using the Linux binaries.


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commented Jan 26, 2018

It looks like the golang net library may have been fixed:


Can someone take a look at this?

vito pushed a commit to concourse/atc that referenced this issue Mar 8, 2018
this resulted in packaging an outdated version of the http2 package;
let's just stick to submoduling everything in concourse/concourse

vito added a commit that referenced this issue Mar 8, 2018

Submodule src/ 49484d0..de234b1:
  > don't vendor vault and dependencies
Submodule src/ 000000000...6c0404043 (new submodule)
Submodule src/ 77014cf7f..85f98707c:
  > argon2: fix typo and code formatting in comments
  > acme/autocert: return error from cachePut
  > acme: stop polling authz on 4xx client errors
  > ssh: document how to unmarshal public keys
  > ssh: fix error variable naming convention, add docs
  > ssh: use a variable rather than type for NoAuthError
  > Adding a unique error when no authentication method has been passed in yet.
  > openpgp: allow NewEntity to specify the default cipher
  > openpgp: correct NewEntity name creation
  > acme/autocert: Remove unused retryAfter func
  > ssh: clarify how to parse out Certificates
  > ssh: compile multi_auth_test.go on linux only
  > ssh: fix support for partial success authentication responses in client
  > argon2: add Argon2id and update parameter recommendations
  > ssh/knownhosts: remove godoc about non-supported hashed hosts
  > ssh/terminal: use duplicate handle in ReadPassword
  > ssh: return correct error on read failure
  > ssh: use io.ReadFull() for reading chacha20-poly1305 packets.
  > ssh: remove chacha20-poly1305 from preferredCipher list
  > ssh: cleanup cipher creation logic
  > ssh: remove redundant code
  > ssh: remove arcfour ciphers from the default preference list
  > argon2: add missing amd64 tags
  > ssh: support chacha20-poly1305 cipher
  > acme/autocert: support http-01 challenge type
  > ssh: fix protocol version exchange (for multi-line)
  > ssh: use t.Run for testing multiple ciphers/macs
  > internal/chacha20: move up from chacha20poly1305/internal/chacha20
  > ssh: specify InsecureIgnoreHostKey in the benchmarks
  > bn256: don't claim a 128-bit security level.
  > argon2: fix incorrect key derivation if parallelism > 1
  > crypto/ssh: fix typo in error message in certs.go
  > pbkdf2: add benchmarks
  > ssh: accept ed25519 certs
  > argon2: add new package implementing the Argon2 PBKDF family
  > all: run gofmt -s on source code
  > all: fix errors reported by vet, golint
  > crypto/ssh: only show banner once
  > nacl/auth: use KeySize constant consistently.
  > ssh/terminal: handle non-ASCII characters when reading passwords
  > ssh: add support for banners
  > ssh: remove unused parameter of newGCMCipher
  > terminal/ssh: use ioctl wrappers from x/sys/unix
  > ocsp: fix vet format string issues
  > blake2s: fix vet format string issue
  > ed25519: update document to mention RFC 8032
  > Revert "ssh: add support for banners"
  > ocsp: remove incorrect iota and update docs on CreateRequest
  > acme, acme/autocert: add missing articles
  > acme: fill Subject CN field in the tls-sni challenge certs
  > ssh: add support for banners
  > scrypt: add missing license header
  > scrypt: update recommended parameters for 2017
  > acme/autocert: add Cache to Manager example
  > blake2b: fix typo in error message
  > ssh: remove unused buffer.eof return value
  > acme: reword the godoc to be more human readable
  > all: fix article typos
  > cryptobyte: include changes from review of 57810
  > cryptobyte: various API and documentation updates.
  > ssh: reject unsupported DSA key sizes
  > all: make overlap rules wording consistent
  > nacl/[secret]box: clarify message size comment.
  > openpgp: check errors from ReadKeyRing during test
  > sha3: delete unused field
  > ssh/terminal: set termios VMIN and VTIME in MakeRaw
  > ssh/agent: use right message to unlock agent, with related integration tests
  > nacl/auth: add crypto_auth primitive
  > ssh: fix documentation on ServerConfig.PublicKeyCallback
  > ssh/terminal: use console functions, types and consts from x/sys/windows
  > ed25519: don't use constant-time functions in Verify.
  > openpgp/packet: fix AES-192 encrypted session keys
  > salsa20/salsa: fix out of bounds write
  > ssh/terminal: use termios ioctl read/write constants from x/sys/unix
  > acme: clarify the purpose of CertOption interface
  > ssh/agent: parse constraints when adding keys
  > ssh: add Session.WindowChange to send window change events
  > md4: move the example to the right directory
  > md4: add example for New
  > README: add improvements
  > sha3: added example output
  > ocsp: remove a redundant conditional expression from an if statement
  > ssh: fix a formatting bug in a test
  > blake2b: implement BLAKE2X
  > ssh: allow up to 255 bytes of padding in AES-GCM
  > ssh: fix if/else returns to adhere to Go style guidelines
  > blake2s: implement BLAKE2X
  > acme, acme/autocert: use canonical http header keys
  > ssh: return authErr array if all authentication attempts fail
  > acme: fix mismatched format arguments in acme_test.go
  > acme/autocert: clean up temporary directories in TestDirCache()
  > all: use HTTPS for links that support it
  > ssh: signal incorrect private key passwords with x509.IncorrectPasswordError
  > all: gofmt ./...
  > ssh: clarify intended use of Permissions.
  > nacl/secretbox: add benchmarks
  > acme/autocert: enable HTTP/2 on listener
  > ssh: add ParsePrivateKeysWithPassphrase
  > nacl/box: Add examples
  > blake2s: add 128-bit digest support.
  > ocsp: enhance errors for responses without a matching SingleResponse
  > xts: fix incorrect length check
  > ssh: fixing a small typo in connection.go
  > x/crypto/ssh: fix host certificate principal evaluation to check for hostname only
  > bcrypt: fix C compatibility code
  > chacha20poly1305: fix style nits in variable names
  > blake2b: fix self-assignment in test
  > ssh: change the local copy of the ServerConfig passed to NewServerConn
  > acme/autocert: validate SNI value even more
  > autocert: validate SNI values more, add tests
  > crypto/ssh: fix tests on Go 1.7 on OpenBSD and Windows
  > chacha20poly1305: add runtime internal independent cpu feature detection
  > ssh/knownhosts: test coverage for IsHostAuthority
  > acme/autocert: remove failed state entries
  > ssh/knownhosts: add IsHostAuthority.
  > acme: add missing err assignment check
  > acme: add function to check rate limits
  > acme: replace ErrAuthorizationFailed with a type
  > acme/autocert: treat invalid cert as a cache miss
  > acme: generate correct ES512 signatures
  > acme/autocert: return error if Prompt not set
  > ssh/terminal: implement missing functions for Solaris/OmniOS
  > acme/autocert: extend default value of RenewBefore
  > ssh/knownhosts: add file + linenumber for parse errors
  > ssh/knownhosts: support hashed hostnames
  > acme/autocert: extract Manager example from comments
  > ssh/knownhosts: fix variable reuse bug in checkAddrs
  > acme: automatically retry on badNonce errors
  > ssh/knownhosts: a parser for the OpenSSH known_hosts file format
  > ssh: fix reset{Read,Write}Thresholds for initial setup
  > ssh: set rekeying thresholds on construction
  > curve25519: improve cswap
  > acme/autocert: fix context usage
  > ssh: support MaxAuthTries on ServerConfig
  > ssh: support forwarding of Unix domain socket connections
  > acme: stop using ctxhttp
  > x/crypto/*: add import comment
  > acme: set correct KeyUsage and ExtKeyUsage
  > ssh: Add support for RSA keys stored in OpenSSH's new format
  > ssh: fix format string in client_test.go
  > acme/autocert: add Listener
  > ssh: reject RekeyThresholds over MaxInt64
  > ssh: improve client public key authentication
  > acme, acme/autocert: switch to Go 1.7+ context package
  > acme/autocert: context propagation and doc tweaks
  > ssh: fix typo in unexported comment
  > ssh: handle error from prepareKeyChange.
  > ssh: require host key checking in the ClientConfig
  > pkcs12: fix ToPEM to not ignore non-nil error from getSafeContents
  > cryptobyte: new package.
  > blake2s: register BLAKE2s
  > blake2b: register BLAKE2b
  > poly1305: add burn-in test.
  > ocsp: fix test flakiness
  > acme: reduce the number of network round trips
  > poly1305: simplify reference implementation
  > blake2b: fix AVX performance problems on amd64
  > ssh: Add the algorithm
  > acme/autocert: fix racy tests
  > curve25519: avoid loss of R15 in -dynlink mode
  > ssh/agent: fix another test to not require IPv4.
Submodule src/ 07b51741c..07e8617a6:
  > http2/h2demo: set externalTrafficPolicy to preserve client IPs
  > dns/dnsmessage: fix go vet warning about unkeyed composite literals
  > dns/dnsmessage: change Builder to append and update documentation
  > all: remove "the" duplications
  > html: update quotes about the list of active formatting elements
  > html: update section numbers
  > http2: use RFC 723x as normative reference in docs
  > publicsuffix: update table to latest list from
  > dns/dnsmessage: don't use untrusted data to pre-allocate slices
  > http2/h2demo: pass h2demo tag to gitlock
  > http2/h2demo: enable HTTP ACME challenges, move from CoreOS to Kubernetes
  > html/atom: add atom.Acronym
  > all: use HTTPS for links
  > html: fix misleading Tokenizer.Token comment
  > http2: add internal function isNoCachedConnError to test for ErrNoCachedConn
  > dns/dnsmessage: update docs for terminology alignment
  > http2: don't check WriteHeader status if we've already sent the header
  > internal/socket: fix typos
  > Revert "internal/socket: enable {recv,send}mmsg on NetBSD"
  > Revert "ipv4: enable {Read,Write}Batch methods of {Packet,Raw}Conn on NetBSD"
  > Revert "ipv6: enable {Read,Write}Batch methods of PacketConn on NetBSD"
  > ipv4: enable {Read,Write}Batch methods of {Packet,Raw}Conn on NetBSD
  > internal/socket: enable {recv,send}mmsg on NetBSD
  > ipv6: enable {Read,Write}Batch methods of PacketConn on NetBSD
  > internal/socket: add support for darwin/arm64
  > internal/nettest: skip unixpacket tests on netbsd/386
  > http2: fix flake in net/http's TestCloseIdleConnections_h2
  > http2: discard logger output in invalid response tests
  > http/httpproxy: fix build on Go 1.8
  > http2: fix leak in activeRes by removing activeRes
  > http2: don't autodetect Content-Type when the response has an empty body
  > http2: panic on invalid WriteHeader status code
  > http2: fix race on ClientConn.maxFrameSize
  > http2: don't crash in Transport on server's DATA following bogus HEADERS
  > http/httpproxy: new package
  > http2: don't log about timeouts reading client preface on new connections
  > net/html: add missing package name in doc example
  > http2: require either ECDSA or RSA ciphersuite
  > http2: fix transport data race on reused *http.Request objects
  > idna: bug fix imported from x/text
  > http2: remove afterReqBodyWriteError wrapper
  > dns/dnsmessage: add AppendPack method to Message
  > route: work around macOS kernel bug
  > idna: updated to Unicode 10.0.0
  > http2: Discard data reads on HEAD requests
  > context: mention standard library version in package comment
  > http2: always delay closing the connection after sending GOAWAY
  > proxy: fix typos in comments
  > net/http2: reset client stream after processing response headers
  > internal/socket: make ipv4, ipv6 and icmp work again on android
  > internal/socket: don't crash with empty Message.Buffers
  > README: flush out description
  > html/atom: sync html table with the current whatwg spec
  > proxy: add mention of RFC 1929 for SOCKS5
  > html: add main and keygen as special element
  > publicsuffix: allow to encode up to 1023 children in the table
  > README: style syntax to markdown
  > all: fix article typos
  > publicsuffix: update table to latest list from
  > idna: add test for domains containing non-ASCII dots
  > http2: Respect peer's SETTINGS_MAX_HEADER_LIST_SIZE in ClientConn
  > http2: reject DATA frame before HEADERS frame
  > http2: block RoundTrip when the Transport hits MaxConcurrentStreams
  > http2/h2i: add flag to dial one ip:port but SNI/:authority like it's another
  > http2: fix Go 1.6 build
  > http2: retry requests after receiving REFUSED STREAM
  > route: make DefaultAddr convey newly added information on OpenBSD
  > route: tweak comment on metric types
  > http2/h2i: dump PUSH_PROMISE headers in h2i
  > dns/dnsmessage: improve test coverage of skipping
  > ipv6: update RFC number of IPv6 specification in docs
  > ipv4: update RFC number of IPv6 specification in docs
  > net: replaces "hostname" with "host name" in the proxy package
  > context: use Go 1.9 type alias for CancelFunc and Context
  > http2: fix format argument warnings in tests
  > proxy: add support for ALL_PROXY and NO_PROXY
  > ipv6: simplify tests and benchmarks
  > ipv4: simplify tests and benchmarks
  > dns/dnsmessage: tweak the error value on nil resource body
  > context: sync ExampleWithTimeout with std lib context
  > context: deflake example
  > http2: refund connection flow control on DATA frames received after reset
  > dns/dnsmessage: don't crash with nil resource body
  > dns/dnsmessage: move example code into example_test.go
  > dns/dnsmessage: fix a typo
  > idna: update from x/text
  > dns/dnsmessage: additional test coverage
  > dns/dnsmessage: allocation free DNS message parsing and building
  > ipv6: report a destination address on write error
  > ipv4: report a destination address on write error
  > icmp: use socket.NativeEndian
  > ipv6: use socket.NativeEndian
  > http2: fix Server race
  > trace: export /debug/requests and /debug/events handlers
  > http2: make Transport treat http.NoBody like it were nil
  > publicsuffix: update table to latest list from
  > http2: stop rejecting outgoing paths beginning with two slashes
  > internal/socket: don't crash with corrupted control messages
  > bpf: add Setter interface
  > http2: fix up comment on unexported connError type
  > ipv6: don't crash with corrupted control messages
  > ipv4: don't crash with corrupted control messages
  > ipv6: deflake multicast listener tests
  > ipv4: deflake multicast listener tests
  > bpf: fix type of Extension constants
  > internal/socket: fix 386 emulation on amd64 for FreeBSD
  > ipv6: add {Read,Write}Batch methods to PacketConn
  > ipv4: add {Read,Write}Batch methods to {Packet,Raw}Conn
  > http2: fix nil dereference after Read completes with an error
  > http2: fix typo in comment
  > internal/socket: add message IO functionality
  > internal/socket: add platform-dependent boilerplate files
  > nettest: skip testConcurrentMethods on Plan 9
  > http2/hpack: gofmt -w -s
  > internal/iana: update DSCP names
  > Revert "ipv4, ipv6, internal/netreflect, bpf: fix the x/net build"
  > internal/socket: merge internal/netreflect into internal/socket package
  > ipv6: plumb in the standard library of Go 1.9 by using internal/socket package
  > ipv4: plumb in the standard library of Go 1.9 by using internal/socket package
  > internal/socket: new package
  > http2: fix RFC number typo in comment
  > http2: remove extra goroutine stack from awaitGracefulShutdown
  > http2: Discard DATA frames from the server after the response body is closed
  > http2: mostly test for Transport memory issue
  > http2/hpack: remove unused pair function from package
  > http2/hpack: remove pair function and initialize directly
  > http2: fix style inconsistency in test
  > http2: reduce the number of select cases in serverConn.server
  > http2: fix lock contention slowdown due to gracefulShutdownCh
  > http2/hpack: move initialization to a static table
  > lif: rename internal types
  > http2: add all bad ciphers, use package constants
  > xsrftoken: panic for unsafe zero length keys
  > route: don't fail test when at least one version of INET protocols is available
  > lif: don't fail test when at least one version of INET protocols is available
  > trace: support Go 1.6 again
  > nettest: break on unexpected error
  > trace: use standard library context
  > http2: Use NO_ERROR instead of CANCEL when responding before the request is finished
  > http2: enforce write deadline per stream
  > http2/h2demo: don't auto redirect the HTTP-only serverpush demo to HTTPS
  > http2/hpack: fix memory leak in headerFieldTable lookup maps
  > http2/h2demo: use HTTP host for HTTP-only link
  > http2/h2demo: add demo for HTTP/2 Server Push
  > Revert "http2/h2demo: add HTTP/2 with Server Push"
  > idna: copy the idna package from x/text, take 2.
  > http2/h2demo: add HTTP/2 with Server Push
  > http2: work around Go 1.8 tls.Config.Clone bug
  > lif: use of nativeEndian to make API endian agnostic
  > dns/dnsmessage: add support for parsing and packing of DNS messages
  > http2: add configurable knobs for the server's receive window
  > http2/hpack: speedup Encoder.searchTable
  > http2: Add opt-in option to Framer to allow DataFrame struct reuse
  > http2: replace fixedBuffer with dataBuffer
  > http2/hpack: remove hpack's constant time string comparison
  > ipv4, ipv6, internal/netreflect, bpf: fix the x/net build
  > route: drop support for go1.5
  > lif: drop support for go1.5
  > internal/netreflect: don't build on go1.9 or above
  > publicsuffix: update table to latest list from
  > proxy: split SOCKS5 Dial method in two
  > context/ctxhttp: close httptest server
  > internal/netreflect: fix test on NaCl and Plan 9
  > route: fix typo
  > route: add support for the manipulation of routing informaion
  > http2: don't allow writing non-zero padding unless Framer.AllowIllegalWrites
  > all: single space after period
  > idna: Revert "use code generated by internal x/text package"
  > bpf: implement fmt.Stringer for BPF instructions
  > trace: initialize templates lazily
  > ipv4: simplify init function for darwin
  > internal/netreflect: more use of internal/nettest package
  > internal/nettest: add missing support for "unixgram" to TestableNetwork
  > http2: nit in TestServer_Push_StateTransitions
  > http2: fix flake in TestServer_Push_StateTransitions
  > internal/nettest: add TestableNetwork, NewLocalListener and NewLocalPacketListener
  > nettest: use of internal/nettest package
  > http2/h2i: strip port from server name in client hello
  > internal/netreflect: use of internal/nettest package
  > http2/h2i: send RequestURI as path, to not lose query args
  > x/net/bpf: cleanup TestAsmDisasm
  > http2: fix nits found by vet
  > bpf: disasm load extension to type LoadExtension
  > bpf: disasm "fake" jump conditions
  > ipv6: add missing BUGS section for Windows
  > ipv4: drop package name prefix from identifiers in docs for consistency
  > ipv6: drop package name prefix from identifiers in docs for consistency
  > idna: use code generated by internal x/text package
  > http2: remove unnecessary TODO for trailer keys allocation
  > http2: clear WriteTimeout in Server
  > http2: fix typo
  > http2: fix incorrect panic
  > http2: add regression test for issue golang/go#18326
  > http2: fix race in writePushPromise
  > icmp: add missing BUGS section
  > ipv6: add missing BUGS section
  > ipv4: add missing BUGS section
  > context: deflake tests under Go 1.6
  > http2: speed up TestTransportFlowControl in short mode
  > http2: don't flush a stream's write queue in sc.resetStream
  > http2: allow Transport to connect to https://[v6literal]/ without port
  > http2: log Framer reads and writes when a server test fails
  > ipv4: deflake TestConnUnicastSocketOptions on Windows
  > ipv4: add missing IP_HDRINCL option on Windows
  > nettest: update comment on MakePipe
  > ipv6: add support for linux/{mips,mipsle}
  > ipv4: add support for linux/{mips,mipsle}
  > http2: make Transport retry on server's GOAWAY graceful shutdown
  > http2: fix minor stream accounting bug
  > http2: test for retry after GOAWAY
  > nettest: add package to test for networking conformance
  > websocket: mention the gorilla package
  > ipv6: don't fail test on IPv6 disabled kernel
  > ipv6: simplify references to RFCs in package documentation
  > ipv6: document that package ipv6 doesn't support Darwin kernel version 12 or below
  > internal/nettest: make SupportsIPv6 return false on Darwin kernel version 12 or below
  > http2: fix a typo
  > http2: don't crash when writing RST_STREAM on idle or closed streams
  > trace: remove internal Google reference from comment
  > webdav: gofmt -w -s
  > http2: schedule RSTStream writes onto its stream's queue
  > http2/h2demo: use Let's Encrypt for the TLS cert
  > http2: make Server respect http1 Server's SetKeepAlivesEnabled
  > Revert "ipv6: disable multicast packet delivery tests on darwin 12 or below"
  > ipv6: disable multicast packet delivery tests on darwin 12 or below
  > http2: conditionally log stacks from panics in Server Handlers like net/http
  > http2: fix CloseNotify data race
  > http2: don't overflow stream IDs in server push
  > http2: fix racey and flaky server push test
  > http2: disable server push on receiving a GOAWAY
  > all: make copyright headers consistent with one space after period
  > http2: fix state tracking for pushed streams
  > Revert "context: use Go 1.8 type alias for CancelFunc and Context"
  > http2: fix over-aggressive ignoring of frames while in "go away" mode
  > http2: fix Transport race sending RST_STREAM while reading DATA on cancels
  > http2: remove h2-14 ALPN proto
  > webdav: add Context argument to FileSystem interface
  > http2: make http2.Server access http1's Server via an interface check
  > http2/h2i: do not assume that stdin value is always 0
  > http2: add support for graceful shutdown of Server
  > webdav: fix recently-broken tests
  > http2: change how Server.IdleTimeout is initialized from http.Server
  > http2/h2i: update line endings for recent change to console package
  > webdav: have escapeXML perform fewer allocations.
  > context: use Go 1.8 type alias for CancelFunc and Context
  > http2: initialize Server.IdleTimeout from http.Server as http1 does
  > http2: fix optimized write scheduling
  > http2: implement support for server push
  > http2: reject stream self-dependencies
  > http2: optimize server frame writes
  > http2: interface to support pluggable schedulers
  > publicsuffix: update table to latest list from
  > http2: add Server.IdleTimeout
  > webdav: escape displayname
  > http2: make Server return conn protocol errors on bad idle stream frames
  > http2: fix Server race with concurrent Read/Close
  > ipv6: remove unnecessary control message marshaling
  > ipv4: remove unnecessary control message marshaling
  > http2: make Server reuse 64k request body buffer between requests
  > http2: never Read from Request.Body in Transport to determine ContentLength
  > websocket: drop support for go1.4 or below
  > websocket: use of crypto/rand package in test
  > ipv6: drop support for go1.4 or below
  > ipv4: drop support for go1.4 or below
  > websocket: limit incoming payload size
  > ipv4: add support for FreeBSD 11
  > trace: don't allocate all events upfront
  > Revert "trace: don't allocate all events upfront"
  > lif: rename internal types and constants generated by cgo
  > ipv6: rename internal types and constants generated by cgo
  > ipv4: rename internal types and constants generated by cgo
  > trace: don't allocate all events upfront
  > ipv6: don't refer to cgo-generated union field
  > ipv4: don't refer to cgo-generated union field
  > ipv6: add support for solaris
  > ipv4: add support for solaris
  > ipv6: rename thunk_linux_386.s to sys_linux_386.s
  > ipv4: rename thunk_linux_386.s to sys_linux_386.s
  > http2: remove duplicate map lookups in checkConnHeaders
  > websocket: use net.Dialer to open tcp connection
  > http2: mention bogus header value in error messages
  > trace: spelling consistency tweaks
  > http2: don't sniff Request.Body on 100-continue requests in Transport
  > http2: in Server, disarm connection's ReadTimeout after first request
  > http2: add Transport support for IdleConnTimeout
  > http: fix build on Go 1.6 and below
  > http2: implement Ping method on ClientConn
  > x/net/http2: use request url scheme
  > lif: new package
  > route: fix typo
  > ipv4: fix typo
  > ipv6: fix typo
  > route: test helper code cleanup
  > http2: fix broken tests
  > x/net/http2: Fix various typos in doc comments.
  > ipv6: simplify init function for darwin
  > internel/nettest: add SupportsIPv6MulticastDeliveryOnLoopback
  > http2: don't sniff first Request.Body byte in Transport until we have a conn
  > http2: add Transport support for unicode domain names
  > http2: fix bug where '*' as a valid :path value in Transport
  > icmp: don't step on recycled socket descriptors
  > net: skip tests on OS X 10.8 to avoid a kernel panic
  > http2: fix all vet warnings
  > internal/netreflect: fix test on nacl, plan9 and windows
  > ipv6: deduplicate socket option code
  > ipv4: deduplicate socket option code
  > ipv6: use of internal/netreflect package
  > ipv4: use of internal/netreflect package
  > internal/netreflect: new package
  > http2: don't send bogus :path pseudo headers if Request.URL.Opaque is set
  > http2: fix protocol violation regression when writing certain request bodies
Submodule src/ e7a482079..2f32c3ac0:
  > mailchimp: add MailChimp provider
  > internal: remove facebook from brokenAuthHeadersProviders
  > internal: add more brokenAuthHeadersProviders
  > internal: Add to broken domains
  > oauth2: minor clarification to function comment
  > spotify: add Spotify endpoints
  > internal: remove RegisterContextClientFunc
  > internal: return error if no access_token present in server response
  > oauth2: don't use tokenRefresher directly in tests
  > internal: inline CondVal function
  > internal: move ParseINI into google
  > internal: fix flaky context test
  > jwt: use RetrieveError for invalid status code errors
  > oauth2: add error type for unsuccessful token endpoint status
  > mailru: add Mail.Ru OAuth2 endpoint
  > yahoo: add Yahoo OAuth2 endpoint
  > microsoft: improve azure active directory endpoint
  > oauth2: ignore monotonic time when considering whether Tokens are expired
  > azure: add Azure endpoints
  > twitch: add twitch OAuth2 endpoint
  > microsoft: add azure active directory endpoint
  > internal: fix test on Go 1.10
  > internal: add to brokenAuthHeaderProviders
  > oauth2: fix some typos in code comments
  > oauth2/internal: remove duplicate package documentation
  > internal: urlencode client id and secret in header
  > oauth2: improve the custom HTTP client example
  > oauth2: add examples for basic/custom HTTP client
  > google: add JSON field to DefaultCredentials
  > LICENSE: attribute to the Go authors
  > README: add links for contributions
  > internal: fix broken auth header provider
  > internal: Use provided context in subsequent request
  > internal: add broken auth header provider
  > oauth2: add test for preserving refresh token if none is received
  > oauth2: adds sipgate api to brokenAuthHeaderProviders
Submodule src/ f52d1811a..fd80eb99c:
  > semaphore: add worker-pool example
  > README: switch to Markdown, add better links
Submodule src/ 000000000...7dca6fe1f (new submodule)
Submodule src/ 572a2b141..b7ef84aaf:
  > internal/language/compact: removes, renames, and exports
  > internal/language/compact: copy of language
  > message: add documentation for the m verb
  > unicode/runenames: support for multiple unicode versions
  > internal/gen/bitfield: added package to simplify bit fiddling
  > internal/language: move package to internal
  > language: distinguish regional variant in matching
  > language/internal: finalize Builder and refine -u semantics
  > language/internal: use sub tests
  > language: use compact tags
  > language: new implementation of compact tags
  > language: compact index bug fix: match zh-HK to zh-Hant-HK
  > language/internal: expose StringToBuf
  > language: remove use of aliases
  > language: clean up gen
  > language: use new internal language tag package
  > language/internal: expose alias data and ValueError
  > language/internal: include body of old compose
  > language/internal: more exposing of internals
  > language/internal: export tag types and rename fields
  > language/internal: remove excess code
  > language/internal: copy language for refactoring
  > language: change semantics of CompactIndex
  > message: allow translated substitutions (%m)
  > all: link to the "state of x/text" video
  > currency: fix format in example
  > cmd/gotext: add update command
  > message/pipeline: implement merge
  > message/pipeline: hoist export code from cmd/text
  > message/pipeline: fix build on Go 1.8
  > message/pipeline: set fallback language for tests
  > message/pipeline: trim whitespace for messages
  > internal/catmsg: support Affix message type
  > message/pipeline: hoist importing from cmd/gotext
  > message/pipeline: fix extraction bug
  > message/pipeline: further restructuring
  > all: upgrade to CLDR 32
  > internal/cldrtree: included in gen.go
  > language/display: change tests to prepare for CLDR 32
  > language: exclude data case to prepare for CLDR 32
  > internal/number: preperation for CLDR 32
  > gen.go: fix dependencies to fix CLDR 32 generation
  > currency: add entry in preparation for CLDR32
  > all: support multiple versions of Unicode
  > message/pipeline: converted to API
  > message/pipeline: copy over files from cmd/gotext
  > cmd/gotext: add generate command
  > cmd/gotext: distinguish between key and id
  > cmd/gotext: require translation field
  > cmd/gotext: standardize error handling
  > cmd/gotext: factor out common loader code
  > cmd/gotext: prettify JSON for Text type
  > cmd/gotext: redo dir structure and file names
  > message: link in plural package by default
  > message/catalog: add Matcher method to Catalog
  > internal/number: fix bug in info lookup
  > all: gofmt -w and remove execute bit from source files
  > cmd/gotext: extract messages in entire binary
  > cmd/gotext: move to Placeholder model
  > cmd/gotext: add rewrite command
  > cmd/gotext: allow const identifiers as keys
  > cmd/gotext: improved extraction
  > all: few tweaks to vet fixes
  > message: allow user-defined dictionaries
  > message/catalog: separate concerns of firstInSequence
  > message: allow multiple goroutines per Printer
  > language: add marshaling
  > internal/format: move fmtFlags to internal/format
  > message: factor out format string parsing
@vito vito added the enhancement label Mar 8, 2018

This comment has been minimized.

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commented Mar 8, 2018

Finally went and bumped the dependency, sorry for the delay. Had to just stop vendoring in the creds package and use the outer submodules, and bump those for good measure.

I won't be able to really confidently say this is fixed, given that the error is spurious in nature, but I can at least say we're running the code that should have the fix. 😛

Thanks for your patience!

@vito vito closed this Mar 8, 2018
Runtime automation moved this from Research 🤔 to Done Mar 8, 2018
@vito vito added the accepted label Mar 8, 2018
@jama22 jama22 added this to the v3.9.2 milestone Mar 12, 2018
vito added a commit that referenced this issue Aug 15, 2018
Submodule src/ 90dafc1e..4cd0dd97 (rewind):
  < add attribute sort support.
  < Release v1.0.1
  < Update path documentation.
  < Minor code reordering.
  < add support for absolute path queries.
  < Update travis config.
  < fix bug in GetRelativePath.
  < Modify GetPath and GetRelativePath.
  < Added a GetPath() and GetRelativePath() to get the paths of an element.
  < Update travis config
  < Added filterText type
  < Added [text()] syntax to retrieve all elements with non empty text
  < path: add text filters
  < Fix broken Markdown headings
  < Add Permissive read setting.
  < Fix unit test.
Submodule src/ 49a729b..e1df238:
  > fix race/panic in tsa suite
Submodule src/ 7e0847f9..3a5767ca (rewind):
  < added ability to register custom log formatter (#131)
  < Fix typo in cors.go (#127)
  < [bugfix] Handle CORS pre-flight request in middleware (#112)
  < Revert "Add Vary header when allowedOrigins is * (#114)" (#122)
  < Add Vary header when allowedOrigins is * (#114)
  < distinguish between explicit and implicit star (#118)
  < [bugfix] Don't return the origin header when configured to * (#116)
  < Travis go18 (#106)
  < use http.StatusOK as initial value for responseLogger.status (#103)
  < Add sourcegraph badge
  < Merge pull request #97 from nwidger/master
Submodule src/ e48e440e..9fa818a4 (rewind):
  < Add test for multiple calls to Name(). Fixes #394
  < Clarify behaviour of Name method if called multiple times.
  < Update LICENSE & AUTHORS files. (#386)
  < Initialize user map (#371)
  < [deps] Add go.mod for versioned Go (#376)
  < [docs] Improve docstrings for middleware, skipclean (#375)
  < [docs] Doc fix for testing variables in path (#374)
  < Add CORSMethodMiddleware (#366)
  < Fix linter issues (docs) (#370)
  < [build] Update Go versions; add 1.10.x (#364)
  < Fix table-driven example documentation (#363)
  < Make Use() variadic (#355)
  < Modify http status code to variable in README (#350)
  < Modify 403 status code to const variable (#349)
  < Create authentication middleware example. (#340)
  < [docs] Clarify SetURLVars (#335)
  < [docs] Document route.Get* methods consistently (#338)
  < [docs] Improve "walking routes" example. (#337) (#323)
  < add miss "time" (#336)
  < [docs] Fix doc.go (#333)
  < [docs] Add testing example (#331)
  < [docs] Fix Middleware docs typos (#332)
  < Update doc.go: r.AddMiddleware(...) -> r.Use(...)
  < Make shutdown docs compilable (#330)
  < [feat] Add middleware support as discussed in #293 (#294)
  < [docs] Add graceful shutdown example (#329)
  < refactor routeRegexp, particularily newRouteRegexp. (#328)
  < Public test API to set URL params (#322)
  < [docs] Add example usage for Route.HeadersRegexp (#320)
  < [docs] Note StrictSlash re-direct behaviour #308 (#321)
  < Create (#318)
  < [bugfix] Fix method subrouter handler matching (#300) (#317)
  < [docs] fix outdated UseEncodedPath method docs (#314)
  < MatchErr is set to ErrNotFound if NotFoundHandler is used (#311)
  < [docs] Document router.Match (#313)
  < [build] Allow tip failures (#312)
  < .travis.yml: Remove versions < go1.5 from build matrix
  < use req.URL.EscapedPath() instead of getPath(req) (#306)
  < GetQueryTemplates and GetQueryRegexp extraction (#304)
  < Added 1.9 build step (#303)
  < Fix WriteHeader in TestA301ResponseWriter. (#301)
  < [docs] Document evaluation order for routes (#297)
  < [docs] add missing `.` (#292)
  < [docs] Fix missing space in docstring (#289)
  < Fix #271:  Return 405 instead of 404 when request method doesn't match the route
  < Prefer scheme on child route when building URLs.
  < Use scheme from parent router when building URLs.
  < Fix typo
  < Add test and fix for escaped query values.
  < Update docs.
  < Add tests for support for queries in URL reversing.
  < Add support for queries in URL reversing.
  < Update Walking Routes Section
  < Fix invalid example code
  < Removing half of conflict marker (#268)
  < Update README with example for Router.Walk
  < Update ancestors parameter for WalkFunc for matcher subrouters
  < Update Walk to match all subrouters
  < Support building URLs with non-http schemes. (#260)
  < Updated README
  < Added method Route.GetMethods
  < Added method Route.GetPathRegexp
  < fixed typo (#250)
  < Fixing Regexp in the benchmark test (#234)
  < updating logic in route matcher, cleaner and saner (#235)
  < Merge pull request #232 from DavidJFelix/patch-1
  < Add Go 1.8 to .travis.yml
  < [bugfix] fail fast if regex is incorrectly specified using capturing groups. (#218)
  < [docs] Add route listing example to README
  < Merge pull request #199 from wirehead/minor-doc-tweek
  < Merge pull request #215 from ShaneSaww/fix_for_subroutes_with_pathPrefix
  < Merge pull request #196 from olt/doc-non-capture-groups
  < Add useEncodedPath option to router and routes (#190)
  < Simplify extractVars, fixes edge cases. (#185)
  < make the getPath method safer, fixing panics within App Engine (#189)
  < Add mechanism to route based on the escaped path (#184)
  < .travis.yml: add go1.7
  < [docs] Add logo to README. (#180)
  < [docs] Add static file example to README; doc.go. (#179)
  < Clean up some naming in mux_test.go
  < [bugfix] Fix error handling in Router.Walk (#177)
  < [docs] README typo (#175)
Submodule src/ e7c6d408..bcac9884 (rewind):
  < README: Fix "Faking time" Golang playground anchor (#16)
  < travis: bump go version (#15)
  < Add support for fake tickers (#8)
Submodule src/ 7acd5e4a..eaac44c6 (rewind):
  < Treat the xml namespace as already declared during exclusive c14n
  < Avoid mutating the original tree when performing transforms
  < Correctly build a surrounding NSContext to locate SignedInfo
  < In NSFindIterateCtx pass the surrounding context of found elements instead of their own context
  < Improve the efficiency of traversing Signature searching for SignedInfo
  < Improve namespace handling when locating CanonicalizationMethod
  < Improve namespace handling in locating SignedInfo
  < Add etreeutils support for iterating and searching of direct children
  < Actually expand travis test matrix
  < Expand go runtime test matrix
  < Merge pull request #33 from apilloud/chain
  < Merge pull request #31 from skyportsystems/master
  < Merge pull request #35 from danikarik/master
  < Merge pull request #34 from otto-md/master
  < Merge pull request #30 from skyportsystems/master
  < Merge pull request #27 from gravitational/rjones/signature
  < Merge pull request #26 from aidansteele/patch-1
Submodule src/ 383e8b2c..411e09b9 (rewind):
  < Add response field to HttpRule (#87)
  < re-enable 1.6
  < update from googleapis (#88)
  < update from googleapis (#85)
  < update from googleapis (#84)
  < update from googleapis (#83)
  < Revert "update from googleapis (#80)" (#81)
  < update from googleapis (#80)
  < update from googleapis (#79)
  < regen: use api-common-protos (#78)
  < update from googleapis (#76)
  < regenerate (#75)
  < update protos using new go protoc plugin (#73)
  < regen speech pb.gos (#72)
  < update from googleapis (#71)
  < update from googleapis (#69)
  < Update bigtable from googleapis (#70)
  < add cloud tasks protos (#67)
  < update from googleapis (#65)
  < update from googleapis (#63)
  < update from googleapis (#62)
  < update from googleapis (#61)
  < update cloudbuild (#60)
  < update from googleapis (#59)
  < update from googleapis (#58)
  < update generated files from googleapis for googleapis/spanner/* (#57)
  < update from googleapis (#56)
  < update from googleapis (#55)
  < update from googleapis (#54)
  < update generated file for googleapis/spanner/* (#53)
  < update from googleapis (#52)
  < add codeowners (#50)
  < update from googleapis (#49)
  < update from googleapis (#48)
  < update from googleapis (#47)
  < update from googleapis (#45)
  < update generated files (#43)
  < update googleapis (#42)
  < regenerate protos (#41)
  < firestore: add generated client (#40)
  < regenerate from updated googleapis (#39)
  < update from googleapis (#38)
  < update from googleapis and protobuf (#37)
  < regenerated from updated googleapis (#36)
  < regenerate speech client (#35)
  < all: regenerate from googleapis (#32)
  < regenerate with proper protobuf path (#31)
  < all: regenerate from latest googleapis (#29)
  < make travis go get (#28)
  < release videointelligence (#26)
  < all: regenerate from googleapis (#25)
Submodule src/ 07ef407d9..0e8b58d22 (rewind):
  < channelz: unexport unnecessary API on grpc entities (#2257)
  < channelz: use atomic instead of mutex (#2218)
  < internal: remove TestingUseHandlerImpl (#2253)
  < update proto generated code (#2254)
  < Revert "internal: remove transportMonitor, replace with callbacks" (#2252)
  < internal: remove transportMonitor, replace with callbacks (#2219)
  < Change version to 1.15.0-dev (#2247)
  < interop: implement special_status_message interop test (#2241)
  < internal/grpcsync: introduce package for synchronization (#2244)
  < remove 1.6 support for channelz (#2242)
  < transport: eliminate StreamError; use status errors instead (#2239)
  < transport: replace ClientTransport with *http2Client for internal usage (#2238)
  < disable go1.6 travis tests (#2237)
  < go generate: update proto files (#2236)
  < ClientConn: add Target() returning target string (#2233)
  < client: define dialOptions as interfaces instead of functions (#2230)
  < interop: loosen restrictions on creds per test in interop client (#2231)
  < Convert io.ErrUnexpectedEOF to a codes.Internal-marked status in toRPCerr. (#2228)
  < internal/transport: remove unnecessary ServerTransport method (#2224)
  < internal/transport_test.go: prevent leaking context (#2227)
  < internal/syscall: add package description (#2226)
  < transport.go: minor typo fix (#2225)
  < resolver: document that SetDefaultScheme should be called at init time (#2217)
  < addrconn: remove unused wait() method (#2220)
  < dns resolver: exponential retry when getting empty address list (#2201)
  < internal/transport: remove some unused fields from structs (#2213)
  < internal: move DialOptions to a new file (#2193)
  < Benchmark: fix build tags (#2099)
  < transport: move to internal to make room for new, public transport API (#2212)
  < balancer: add rpc method to PickOptions (#2204)
  < transport: double-check deadline when processing server cancelation (#2211)
  < createTransport: timeout under waitForHandshake case should not have transport transferred to ready stage (#2208)
  < deprecate stream, move documentation to client|server stream (#2198)
  < Set and respect HTTP/2 SETTINGS_MAX_HEADER_LIST_SIZE (#2084)
  < travis: skip race testing on 386 as it is not supported (#2207)
  < internal: changes to travis to make it do less work (#2200)
  < stream: in withRetry, block until Status is valid and check on io.EOF (#2199)
  < grpclb: s/fmt.Errorf/errors.New/ (#2196)
  < Fix flaky test: TestClientStreamingError (#2192)
  < Add documentation for loopy. (#2169)
  < Fix test: wait on server to signal successful accept. (#2183)
  < Allow interop client to use call creds on any secure channel (#2185)
  < client: Implement gRFC A6: configurable client-side retry support (#2111)
  < documentation: clarify SendMsg documentation (#2171)
  < credentials: cleanup version-specific files (#2178)
  < Restrict channelz service test to x86 architecture (#2179)
  < client, server: update dial/server buffer options to support a "disable" setting (#2147)
  < credentials: add more appengine build tags (#2177)
  < Revert stickiness (#2175)
  < minor fix: remove redundant channelz files (#2176)
  < channelz: stage 4 - add security and socket option info with appengine build tags (#2149)
  < Update flow control test to have multiple concurrent streams. (#2170)
  < balancer/grpclb: update to latest lb proto (#2172)
  < resolver/dns: error if target ends with a colon instead of assuming the default port (#2150)
  < grpclb: remove old grpclb generated code  (#2143)
  < testing: run test in simulated appengine environment (#2145)
  < interop: set dns as default scheme in interop client (#2165)
  < Change version to 1.14.0-dev (#2163)
  < Don't log grpclb server ending connection as error (#2162)
  < channelz: move APIs to internal except channelz service (#2157)
  < transport: notify controlbuf that transport is gracefully closing to ensure proper cleanup (#2158)
  < Register incoming stream with loopy as soon as it gets created. (#2144)
  < Import grpclb package in the interop client (#2155)
  < fix: do not percent encode character tilde (#2139)
  < grpclb: backoff for RPC call if init handshake was unsucessful (#2077)
  < status: handle invalid utf-8 characters (#2109) (#2134)
  < Don't do extra work for keepalive when it's disabled. (#2148)
  < internal: move backoff to internal (#2141)
  < Fix flaky tests in transport. (#2120)
  < internal: Change Lock to RLock since no mutation is performed (#2142)
  < grpclb: remove redundent testing struct (#2126)
  < Normalize gRPC LB
  < Fix test: Account for the fact that Dial can return successfully before Accept. (#2123)
  < Add some debug info (#2136)
  < Documentation: create doc describing grpc-go's log levels and their usages (#2033)
  < internal: Update proto generated code (#2133)
  < resolver_conn_wrapper.go: fix minor typo (#2135)
  < internal: move leakcheck to internal/ (#2129)
  < Revert "status: handle invalid utf-8 characters" (#2127)
  < status: handle invalid utf-8 characters (#2109)
  < Revert " channelz: stage 4 - add security and socket option info" (#2124)
  < grpclb: minor fixes on comments and tests (#2122)
  < channelz: stage 4 - add security and socket option info (#2098)
  < Split grpclb out of top level grpc package (#2107)
  < Reduce error logs in transport. (#2117)
  < DNS resolver: Throw an error for non-default DNS authority. (#2067)
  < grpclb: sync messages.proto and update client load reporting (#2101)
  < alts: copy handshake address in Clone() (#2119)
  < codes: fix: marshal/unmarshal a Code to JSON fails (#2116)
  < Account for user configured small io write buffer. (#2092)
  < clarify CloseSend vs CloseAndRecv; better formatting (#2071)
  < internal/grpcrand: New package for concurrency-safe randoms (#2106)
  < Clarify newCCResolverWrapper documentation. (#2100)
  < Revert "channelz: stage 4 - add security and socket option info" (#2096)
  < channelz: stage 4 - add security and socket option info (#1965)
  < stickiness: limit the max count of stickiness keys (#2021)
  < Benchmarks that runs server and client and separate processes. (#1952)
  < Synchronize WriteStatus with WriteHeader on server. (#2074)
  < internal: update proto generated code (#2093)
  < health: generate health proto from grpc-proto (#2081)
  < internal: remove redundant channelz service go generate (#2085)
  < Revert "Strip port from server name in grpclb (#2066)" (#2083)
  < channelz: generate proto from grpc-proto repo (#2082)
  < internal: move version to a separate file (#2080)
  < internal: fix travis failure on alts proto (#2079)
  < test: make end2end test use split grpc / proto imports (#2069)
  < credentials/alts: make go:generate rebuild alts protos (#2056)
  < channelz: split channelz grpc and pb (#2068)
  < Strip port from server name in grpclb (#2066)
  < benchmark: listen on all addresses in benchmark servers (#2073)
  < regenerate *.pb.go files due to proto-gen-go update (#2070)
  < transport: respect http2 setting SETTINGS_HEADER_TABLE_SIZE (#2045)
  < Add AuthInfoFromContext utility API (#2062)
  < Fix possible data loss; Only let reader goroutine handle connection errors. (#1993)
  < split encode into three functions (#2058)
  < small documentation addition to NewStream (#2060)
  < Documentation: Add initial documentation on concurrency (#2034)
  < status: Introduce FromContextError convenience function (#2057)
  < Change version to 1.13.0-dev (#2054)
  < client: introduce WithDisableServiceConfig DialOption (#2010)
  < fix flaky test caused by race in channelz test (#2051)
  < Fix typo (#2050)
  < Ignore metadata that gRPC explicitly sets. (#2026)
  < internal: better test names (#2043)
  < Revert "Less mem (#1987)" (#2049)
  < client: fix interceptors after recent cleanup (#2046)
  < internal: quits when it sees macosx (#2048)
  < channelz: update proto to canonical version and rename directory (#2044)
  < interop: Fix unimplemented method test (#2040)
  < health: set health proto canonical path (#2038)
  < Fix "deprecated" function godoc comments to match standard formatting (#2027)
  < proto: update generated code (#2039)
  < Rename proto import. (#2036)
  < Fix typos. (#2035)
  < credentials/alts: Refer to ALTS gRPC types by a different package (#2028)
  < http2Client: send reset stream when closing the stream on protocol error (#2030)
  < Stage 3: Channelz server implementation (#1919)
  < Less mem (#1987)
  < server: export ServerTransportStreamFromContext for unary interceptors to control headers/trailers (#2019)
  < dns resolver: create rand seed at init time (#2007)
  < vet: disallow importing "unsafe" (#2024)
  < stickiness: avoid using unsafe (#2023)
  < Fix typos (#2020)
  < travis: skip vet install for 386 (#2018)
  < stickiness: add stickiness support (#1969)
  < Stage 2: Channelz metric collection (#1909)
  < credentials/alts: Add ServiceOption for server-side ALTS creation (#2009)
  < documentation: add instructions for running tests locally (#2006)
  < go vet: fix composite literal uses unkeyed fields (#2005)
  < documentation: add OAuth2 doc and example (#2003)
  < reflection: regenerate pb.go file after typo fix (#2002)
  < Remove unnecessary type conversions (unconvert) (#1995)
  < Fix typos (#1994)
  < Merge pull request #1996 from knweiss/gosimple
  < documentation: mention DialContext is non-blocking by default (#1970)
  < documentation: mention Register functions should be call at init time (#1975)
  < cleanup: extend dial context for TestFailFastRPCErrorOnBadCertificates to 10 seconds (#1984)
  < Fix Test: race between t.Write() and t.closeStream()  (#1989)
  < Small test readability fixes (#1985)
  < documentation: mention peer will only be populated after RPC completes (#1982)
  < Channelz: more stable tesing (#1983)
  < grpclb: fix issues caused by caching SubConns (#1977)
  < createTransport: check for SHUTDOWN before assigning TransientFailure to ac.state  (#1979)
  < resolver/dns: Typo in lookupHost failure warning (#1981)
  < Channelz: Entity Registration and Deletion (#1811)
  < clientconn: add support for unix network in DialContext. (#1883)
  < documentation: Mark compresser and decompresser as deprecated (#1971)
  < grpclb: cache SubConns for 10 seconds after it is removed from the backendlist (#1957)
  < internal: clean up deprecated Invoke() usage (#1966)
  < Mark old balancer and naming APIs as deprecated (#1951)
  < Export changes to OSS. (#1962)
  < metadata: Add Get, Set, and Append methods to metadata.MD (#1940)
  < server: add grpc.Method function for extracting method from context (#1961)
  < resolver/manual: fix minor typo (#1960)
  < status: remove redundant import (#1947)
  < client: Fix race when using both client-side default CallOptions and per-call CallOptions (#1948)
  < Change version to 1.12.0-dev (#1946)
  < resolver: keep full unparsed target string if scheme in parsed target is not registered (#1943)
  < status: rename Status to GRPCStatus to avoid name conflicts (#1944)
  < status: Allow external packages to produce status-compatible errors (#1927)
  < Merge pull request #1941 from jtattermusch/routeguide_reimplement_distance
  < service reflection can lookup enum, enum val, oneof, and field symbols (#1910)
  < Documentation: Fix broken link in (#1935)
  < Correct Go 1.6 support policy (#1934)
  < Add documentation and example of adding details to errors (#1915)
  < Allow storing alternate transport.ServerStream implementations in context (#1904)
  < Fix Test: Update the deadline since small deadlines are prone to flakes on Travis. (#1932)
  < gzip: Add ability to set compression level (#1891)
  < credentials/alts: Remove the enable_untrusted_alts flag (#1931)
  < metadata: Fix bug where AppendToOutgoingContext could modify another context's metadata (#1930)
  < fix minor typos and remove grpc.Codec related code in TestInterceptorCanAccessCallOptions (#1929)
  < credentials/alts: Update ALTS "New" APIs (#1921)
  < client: export types implementing CallOptions for access by interceptors (#1902)
  < travis: add Go 1.10 and run vet there instead of 1.9 (#1913)
  < stream: split per-attempt data from clientStream (#1900)
  < stats: add BeginTime to stats.End (#1907)
  < Reset ping strike counter right before sending out data. (#1905)
  < resolver: always fall back to default resolver when target does not follow URI scheme (#1889)
  < server: Convert all non-status errors to codes.Unknown (#1881)
  < credentials/alts: change ALTS protos to match the golden version (#1908)
  < credentials/alts: fix infinite recursion bug [in custom error type] (#1906)
  < Fix test race: Atomically access minConnecTimout in testing environment. (#1897)
  < interop: Add use_alts flag to client and server binaries (#1896)
  < ALTS: Simplify "New" APIs (#1895)
  < Fix flaky test: TestCloseConnectionWhenServerPrefaceNotReceived (#1870)
  < examples: Replace context.Background with context.WithTimeout (#1877)
  < alts: Change ALTS proto package name (#1886)
  < Add ALTS code (#1865)
  < Expunge error codes that shouldn't be returned from library (#1875)
  < Small spelling fixes (unknow -> unknown) (#1868)
  < clientconn: fix a typo in GetMethodConfig documentation (#1867)
  < Change version to 1.11.0-dev (#1863)
  < benchmarks: add flag to benchmain to use bufconn instead of network (#1837)
  < addrConn: Report underlying connection error in RPC error (#1855)
  < Fix data race in TestServerGoAwayPendingRPC (#1862)
  < addrConn: keep retrying even on non-temporary errors (#1856)
  < transport: fix race causing flow control discrepancy when sending messages over server limit (#1859)
  < interop test: Expect io.EOF from stream.Send() (#1858)
  < metadata: provide AppendToOutgoingContext interface (#1794)
  < Add status.Convert convenience function (#1848)
  < streams: Stop cleaning up after orphaned streams (#1854)
  < transport: support stats.Handler in serverHandlerTransport (#1840)
  < Fix connection drain error message (#1844)
  < Implement unary functionality using streams (#1835)
  < Revert "Add WithResolverUserOptions for custom resolver build options" (#1839)
  < Stream: do not cancel ctx created with service config timeout (#1838)
  < Fix lint error and typo (#1843)
  < stats: Fix bug causing trailers-only responses to be reported as headers (#1817)
  < transport: remove unnecessary rstReceived (#1834)
  < transport: remove redundant check of stream state in Write (#1833)
  < client: send RST_STREAM on client-side errors to prevent server from blocking (#1823)
  < Use keyed fields for struct initializers (#1829)
  < encoding: Introduce new method for registering and choosing codecs (#1813)
  < compare atomic and mutex performance in case of contention. (#1788)
  < transport: Fix a data race when headers are received while the stream is being closed (#1814)
  < Write should fail when the stream was done but context wasn't cancelled. (#1792)
  < Explain target format in DialContext's documentation (#1785)
  < gzip: add Name const to avoid typos in usage (#1804)
  < remove .please-update (#1800)
  < Documentation: update broken wire.html link in metadata package. (#1791)
  < Document that all errors from RPCs are status errors (#1782)
  < update const order (#1770)
  < Don't set reconnect parameters when the server has already responded. (#1779)
  < credentials: return Unavailable instead of Internal for per-RPC creds errors (#1776)
  < Avoid copying headers/trailers in unary RPCs unless requested by CallOptions (#1775)
  < Update version to 1.10.0-dev (#1777)
  < compare atomic and mutex performance for incrementing/storing one variable (#1757)
  < Fix flakey test. (#1771)
  < grpclb: Remove duplicate init() (#1764)
  < server: fix bug preventing Serve from exiting when Listener is closed (#1765)
  < Fix TestGracefulStop flakiness (#1767)
  < server: fix race between GracefulStop and new incoming connections (#1745)
  < Notify parent ClientConn to re-resolve in grpclb (#1699)
  < Add dial option to set balancer (#1697)
  < Fix test: Data race while resetting global var. (#1748)
  < status: add Code convenience function (#1754)
  < vet: run golint on _string files (#1749)
  < examples: fix concurrent map accesses in route_guide server (#1752)
  < grpc: fix deprecation comments to conform to standard (#1691)
  < Adjust keepalive paramenters in the test such that scheduling delays don't cause false failures too often. (#1730)
  < fix typo (#1746)
  < fix stats flaky test (#1740)
  < relocate check for shutdown in ac.tearDown() (#1723)
  < fix flaky TestPickfirstOneAddressRemoval (#1731)
  < bufconn: allow readers to receive data after writers close (#1739)
  < After sending second goaway close conn if idle. (#1736)
  < Make sure all goroutines have ended before restoring global vars. (#1732)
  < client: fix race between server response and stream context cancellation (#1729)
  < In gracefull stop close server transport only after flushing status of the last stream. (#1734)
  < Deflake tests that rely on Stop() then Dial() not reconnecting (#1728)
  < Switch balancer to grpclb when at least one address is grpclb address (#1692)
  < Merge pull request #1724 from grpc/jtattermusch-patch-1
  < codes: Add UnmarshalJSON support to Code type (#1720)
  < naming: Fix build constraints for go1.6 and go1.7 (#1718)
  < remove stringer and go generate (#1715)
  < Add WithResolverUserOptions for custom resolver build options (#1711)
  < Fix grpc basics link in route_guide example (#1713)
  < Optimize codes.String() method using a switch instead of a slice of indexes (#1712)
  < Disable ccBalancerWrapper when it is closed (#1698)
  < Refactor roundrobin to support custom picker (#1707)
  < Change parseTimeout to not handle non-second durations (#1706)
  < make load balancing policy name string case-insensitive (#1708)
  < protoCodec: avoid buffer allocations if proto.Marshaler/Unmarshaler (#1689)
  < Add comments to ClientConn/SubConn interfaces to indicate new methods may be added (#1680)
  < client: backoff before reconnecting if an HTTP2 server preface was not received (#1648)
  < use the request context with net/http handler (#1696)
  < transport: fix race sending RPC status that could lead to a panic (#1687)
  < Fix misleading default resolver scheme comments (#1703)
  < Eliminate data race in ccBalancerWrapper (#1688)
  < Re-resolve target when one connection becomes TransientFailure (#1679)
  < New grpclb implementation (#1558)
  < Fix panics on balancer and resolver updates (#1684)
  < Change version to 1.9.0-dev (#1682)
  < set context timeout when Timeout value >= 0 (#1678)
  < switch balancer based on service config info (#1670)
  < Add proper support for 'identity' encoding type (#1664)
  < update code_string.go for new stringer changes (#1674)
  < addrConn: set ac.state to TransientFailure upon non-temporary errors (#1657)
  < Eliminate race on ac.acbw (#1666)
  < Corrected documentation on Server.Serve (#1668)
  < Update picker doc when returned SubConn is not ready (#1659)
  < travis: fix GOARCH=386 and add misspell check (#1658)
  < Add context benchmarks (#1610)
  < Add protoc command to example/readme (#1653)
  < Implement transparent retries for gRFC A6 (#1597)
  < server: add EXPERIMENTAL tag to grpc.ConnectTimeout (#1652)
  < *: replace deprecated grpc.Errorf calls with status.Errorf (#1651)
  < server: apply deadline to new connections until all handshaking is completed (#1646)
  < codec_benchmark_test: fix racy unmarshal behavior and make some cleanups (#1642)
  < Speed-up quota pools. (#1636)
  < Check ac state shutdown before setting it to TransientFailure (#1643)
  < don't check git status when doing -install (#1641)
  < latency: Listen on localhost:0 instead of :0 in test (#1640)
  < reduce timeout for tests to 5m (7m for testrace) (#1635)
  < Introduce new Compressor/Decompressor API (#1428)
  < Fix settings ack race (#1630)
  < Update examples/ (#1629)
  < Get method string from stream (#1588)
  < fix max msg size type issues on different arch (#1623)
  < Deflake roundrobin TestOneServerDown, and fix test error messages (#1622)
  <  Remove self-imposed limit on max concurrent streams if the server doesn't impose any. (#1624)
  < Acquire all stream related quota and cache it locally since no more than one write can happen in parallel on stream (#1614)
  < Make travis 32-bit actually work (#1621)
  < balancer: reduce chattiness (#1608)
  < Revert "cap max msg size to min(max_int, max_uint32) (#1598)" (#1619)
  < cap max msg size to min(max_int, max_uint32) (#1598)
  < Fix parseTarget for unix socket address without scheme (#1611)
  < Fix connectivity state transitions when dialing (#1596)
  < Update go_package declarations (#1593)
  < ClientHandshake should get the dialing endpoint as the authority (#1607)
  < Add functions to ClientConn so it satisfies an interface for generated code (#1599)
  < Re-add support for Go1.6 (#1603)
  < Make passthrouth resolver the default instead of dns (#1606)
  < Fix goroutine leak in grpclb_test (#1595)
  < Add go report card (#1594)
  < Parse ServiceConfig JSON string (#1515)
  < Register and use default balancers and resolvers (#1551)
  < fix misspell (#1592)
  < Serve() should not return error on Stop() or GracefulStop() (#1485)
  < Remove single-entry var blocks (#1589)
  < update fail fast documentation to remove retry language (#1586)
  < Create versioning and release policy document (#1583)
  < Skip proxy_test in race mode (#1584)
  < transport: minor cleanups (comment and error text) (#1576)
  < Use proto3 in interop tests and end2end tests (#1574)
  < Change version to 1.8.0-dev (#1573)
  < Make resolver Build() take a target struct (#1567)
  < Revert "Temporary disable staticcheck" (#1568)
  < Update UnknownServiceHandler comment to be clearer about interceptor behavior (#1566)
  < transport: fix racey send to writes channel in WriteStatus (#1546)
  < fix stats test race (#1560)
  < Run tests without -v (#1562)
  < Remove Go1.6 support (#1492)
  < Temporary disable staticcheck (#1561)
  < fix TestServerCredsDispatch and stats test race (#1554)
  < Make interop client dial blocking (#1559)
  < benchmark: add type assertion benchmarks (#1556)
  < fix typo and lint (#1553)
  < transport: refactor of error/cancellation paths (#1533)
  < New implementation of roundrobin and pickfirst (#1506)
  < Update format string to match type (#1548)
  < add comment to dns package (#1545)
  < Make IO Buffer size configurable. (#1544)
  < Use the same hpack encoder on a transport and share it between RPCs. (#1536)
  < DNS with new API (#1513)
  < update markdown render (#1542)
  < Revert "Added localhost to net.Listen() calls to avoid macOS firewall dialog." (#1541)
  < Added localhost to net.Listen() calls to avoid macOS firewall dialog. (#1539)
  < transport: remove some defers (#1538)
  < Use Type() method for OAuth tokens instead of accessing TokenType field. (#1537)
  < benchmark: add primivites benchmark for Unlocking via defer vs. inline (#1534)
  < benchmain: format output of benchmark to a table (#1493)
  < Fix misspells (#1531)
  < set PATH to force downloaded binaries to be run (#1529)
  < Fix format error on travis (#1527)
  < Move primitives benchmarks to package primitives_test (#1522)
  < Speed up end to end tests by removing an unnecessary sleep (#1521)
  < Change quota version to uint32 instead on uint64 (#1517)
  < Fix deadline error on grpclb streams (#1511)
  < Dedicated goroutine for writing. (#1498)
  < benchmark: add primitives benchmarks for informational purposes (#1501)
  < Truncate payload trace string, and turn trace off by default (#1509)
  < Add leak goroutine checking to grpc/balancer tests (#1497)
  < Add RegisterIgnoreGoroutine to leakcheck package (#1507)
  < remove a debug print that causes deadlock (#1505)
  < fix protoc installation (#1502)
  < Add new Resolver and Balancer APIs (gRFC L9) (#1408)
  < Fix to avoid annoying firewall dialog on macOS (#1499)
  < Move leak check into a separate leakcheck package (#1445)
  < Change version to 1.7.0-dev (#1496)
  < Run Go1.9 and 386 on Travis (#1475)
  < Check "x/net/context" with `go vet` like "context" (#1490)
  < benchmain: add nop compressor and other usability tweaks (#1489)
  < Fix context warnings from govet. (#1486)
  < benchmain: minor bug fixes (#1488)
  < Update proto generation commands in example doc (#1481)
  < Remove expiration_interval from grpclb message (#1477)
  < balancer_test: possible ctx leak, cancel before break (#1479)
  < Merge pull request #1476 from dfawley/pkg
  < Fix for 32-bit architectures (#1471)
  < When sending a non heads-up goaway close the connection if there are no active streams. (#1474)
  < Remove unnecessary function handleStreamSuspension (#1468)
  < fix grpclb protos to not cause re-registration of types (#1466)
  < transport: fix handling of InTapHandle's returned context (#1461)
  < the cancel function should be called to avoid ctx leak (#1465)
  < add comment (#1464)
  < Remove buf copy when the compressor exist (#1427)
  < transport: Fix deadlock in client keepalive. (#1460)
  < benchmark: add benchmain/main.go to run benchmark with flag set (#1352)
  < stats: add methods to allow setting grpc-trace-bin and grpc-tags-bin headers (#1404)
  < deduplicate dns record in lookup (#1454)
  < Add -u to  installation command (#1451)
  < addrConn: change address to slice of address (#1376)
  < go-generate pb.go files and check in Travis to make sure they don't change (#1426)
  < Fix host string passed to PerRPCCredentials (#1433)
  < metadata: Remove NewContext and FromContext for gRFC L7 (#1392)
  < Add status details support to server HTTP handler (#1438)
  < put *gzip.Writer back to pool (#1441)
  < Automatic WriteStatus for RecvMsg/SendMsg error on server side (#1409)
  < Update ServerInHandle comments (#1437)
  < Server should send 2 goaway messages to gracefully shutdown the connection. (#1403)
  < Add and use connectivity package for states (#1430)
  < Add 'experimental' note to ServeHTTP godoc (#1429)
  < Document Server.ServeHTTP (#1406)
  < Set peer before sending request (#1423)
  < Fix missing and wrong license (#1422)
  < Fix a goroutine leak in DialContext (#1424)
  < Use `NewOutgoingContext ` in the metadata doc (#1425)
  < Fix typo
  < Add flags for tls file path (#1419)
  < Change comment on stats.End.Error (#1418)
  < Call cancel on contexts in tests (#1412)
  < Don't use 64-bit integers with atomic. (#1411)
  < benchmark: don't stop timer until after workers are done (#1407)
  < Validate send quota again after acquiring writable channel (#1367)
  < Use log instead of grpclog in routeguide example (#1395)
  < Revert "Make all "grpc-" metadata field names reserved (#1391)" (#1400)
  < Enabling client process multiple GoAways (#1393)
  < Assign testdata path to correct variable (#1397)
  < Do not call testdata.Path when defining flags (#1394)
  < Make all "grpc-" metadata field names reserved (#1391)
  < remove defer funtion in recvBufferReader Read method (#1031)
  < Add testdata package and unify testdata to only one dir (#1297)
  < DNS resolver (#1300)
  < Expose ConnectivityState of a ClientConn. (#1385)
  < status: Add WithDetails and Details functions (#1358)
  < benchmark: remove multi-layer for loop (#1339)
  < transport: fix minor typo in http2_server.go (#1383)
  < Add doc in default implementation fatal functions on os.Exit() (#1365)
  < Fix bufconn.Close to not be blocking. (#1377)
  < Do not create new addrConn when connection error happens (#1369)
  < Change version to 1.6.x (#1382)
  < Revert "Use bufconn in end2end tests." (#1381)
  < Fix logging method (#1375)
  < Use bufconn in end2end tests.
  < Create bufconn package for a local, buffered net.Conn and dialer/listener
  < Fix a typo in examples/ (#1374)
  < Use log severity and verbosity level (#1340)
  < fix deadlock of roundrobin balancer (#1353)
  < Ignore goroutines spanwned by log.init during leakcheck. (#1368)
  < Populate callInfo.peer object for streaming RPCs (#1356)
  < BDP estimation and window update. (#1310)
  < Canonicalize as the preferred URL prefix
  < Update leckCheck to ignore non-gRPC goroutine introduced in Go1.9 (#1351)
  < Do not flush NewStream header on client side for unary RPCs and streaming RPCs with requests. (#1343)
  < adjust import order (#1311)
  < add license for some proto files (#1322)
  < latency: sleep in Write when BDP is exceeded to avoid buffer bloat (#1330)
  < Add documentation to deprecate WithTimeout dial option (#1333)
  < change objects in recvBuffer queue from interface to concrete type to reduce allocs (#1029)
  < Catch invalid use of Server.RegisterService after Register.Serve (#828)
  < benchmark: add latency/MTU/bandwidth into testcases (#1304)
  < Updated documentation of ClientStream. (#1320)
  < Add support for grpc.SupportPackageIsVersion3 back (#1331)
  < Deflake TestServerGoAway (#1321)
  < dont create new reader in recvMsg (#940)
  < Make Apache 2.0 LICENSE file a verbatim copy (#1329)
  < Protect bytesSent and bytesReceived with mutex to avoid datarace (#1318)
  < Add Severity and VerboseLevel to grpclog. (#922)
  < update LICENSE (#1312)
  < fix spell (#1314)
  < Add goroutine safety doc on stream (#1313)
  < replace with localhost for ipv6 only environment (#1306)
  < transport: fix error handling on Stream deletion (#1275)
  < Behaviour Change: transport errors should be coded Unavailable instead of internal. (#1307)
  < Support ipv6 addresses in grpclb (#1303)
  < Return header in Stream.Header() if available (#1281)
  < add license for some files (#1296)
  < Make RPCs non-failfast in grpclb_test. (#1302)
  < Specify characters allowed in metadata keys (#1299)
  < use subtests for the benchmark_test and add it into the Makefile (#1278)
  < update the path of guide (#950)
  < Create latency package for realistically simulating network latency (#1286)
  < Deflake TestFlowContolLogicalRace (#1279)
  < Merge pull request #1290 from jtattermusch/apache_license
  < Change version to 1.5.0-dev (#1288)
  < transport: fix minor typo in 'GoAway' godoc (#1284)
  < Piggyback window updates for connection with those of a stream. (#1273)
  < Reopening: Server shouldn't Fatalf in case it fails to encode. (#1276)
  < Avoid int32 overflow when applying initial window size setting
  < Revert "Server shouldn't Fatalf in case it fails to encode. (#1251)" (#1274)
  < Server shouldn't Fatalf in case it fails to encode. (#1251)
  < Decouple transport flow control from application read. (#1265)
  < Update references to route_guide.proto to use new directory name (#1270)
  < add MaxConcurrentStreams to benchmark_test when start the server (#1271)
  < Merge pull request #1267 from jtattermusch/improve_contributing
  < re-enable handler_server in end2end test, and fix some failed tests (#1259)
  < Avoid panic caused by stdlib context package errors (#1258)
  < Initialize stream properly in handler_server. (#1260)
  < Expand stream's flow control in case of an active read. (#1248)
  < Suppress server log message when EOF without receiving data for preface (#1052)
  < Fixed comment spelling (#1254)
  < Merge pull request #1165 from lyuxuan/service_config_pr
  < clientconn, server: replace time.After with time.NewTimer (#998)
  < grpclb balancer.Close() should not panic if called more than once (#1250)
  < Add doc and example for mocking streaming RPCs (#1230)
  < Test for EmptyCallOption
  < Implement `EmptyCallOption`
  < Reuse Token for serviceAccount credentials (#1238)
  < Travis: add staticcheck (#1019)
  < Defined GA and add pointer to benchmarks (#1239)
  < call listen with "localhost:port" instead of ":port" in tests (#1237)
  < fix server panic trying to send on stream as client disconnects #1111 (#1115)
  < Eagerly set a pointer to nil to help GC (#1232)
  < add logs to grpclb on send and recv (#1235)
  < Add stats test for client streaming and server streaming RPCs (#1140)
  < Adding dial options for PerRPCCredentials (#1225)
  < Pass custom dialer to balancer (#1205)
  < Http status to grpc status conversion (#1195)
  < Calling handleRPC with context derived from the original (#1227)
  < Use pooled gzip.{Writer,Reader} in gzip{Compressor,Decompressor} (#1217)
  < tentative fix to a flow control over-give-back bug (#1170)
  < Ensure that RoundRobin.Close() does not panic. (#1139)
  < Log the actual error when inTapHandle fails in http2Server (#1185)
  < make ServerOption panic messages more clear. (#1194)
  < Make window size configurable. (#1210)
  < Reset proto before unmarshalling (#1222)
  < Merge pull request #1221 from adelez/doc_fixit
  < Fix go buildable source file problem (#1213)
  < don't add defer func if stats handler is nil (#1214)
  < Change version to 1.4.0-dev (#1212)
  < Fix nil pointer dereferences from status.FromProto(nil) (#1211)
  < Split grpclb client load report test to deflake test. (#1206)
  < Use unpadded base64 encoding for binary metadata headers; handle padded or unpadded input (#1209)
  < Never encode binary metadata within the metadata map (#1188)
  < Client load report for grpclb. (#1200)
  < Use proto.Equal for equalities on Go proto messages (#1204)
  < Update grpclb proto and move grpclb into package grpc (#1186)
  < Revert "temporary disable 1.6 on travis (#1198)" (#1199)
  < temporary disable 1.6 on travis (#1198)
  < Revert "To adhere with protocol the server should send RST_STREAM on observing timeout on a strea, (#1130)"
  < Make sure all in-flight streams close when ClientConn.Close() is called. (#1136)
  < To adhere with protocol the server should send RST_STREAM on observing timeout on a strea, (#1130)
  < Fix broken Markdown headings in examples/ (#1189)
  < Support proxy with dialer (#1098)
  < grpclb should connect to the second balancer (#1181)
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