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Consulo - multi-language ide. Project was started in 2013 year by forking IDEA Community Edition.

Main goal - create open IDE where you don't need select IDE for different languages. Provide a standard for language implementation inside IDE.


If you can't describe issue, you can use our forum, or you can read contributing guide and report issue at GitHub

Building & Running

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First of all, you need those tools:

  • Maven 3.3+
  • JDK 1.8

Then execute from command line:

mvn package

If you want run Consulo from repository

  • as desktop application

     mvn install
     mvn consulo:run -pl:consulo-sandbox-desktop
  • as web application

    first need build web sandbox

    mvn package -am -pl consulo:consulo-sandbox-web

    then need start code server (since we used gwt as frontend)

    cd modules/web/web-ui-impl-client
    mvn -am vaadin:run-codeserver

    and start web server

    cd modules/web/web-boot
    mvn -am jetty:run

Sandbox Projects

  • Profiler API link
  • Diagram support link