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Platform repository of Consulo. Plugins implementation hold in their repositories


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Consulo - multi-language ide. Project was started in year 2013 by forking IDEA Community Edition.

Main goal - to create an open IDE, where you don't need to select an IDE for different languages. Instead, provide a standard for language implementation inside the IDE.


If you can't describe the issue, you can use our forum, or you can read the contributing guide and report the issue at GitHub

Building & Running

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Java 21 jdk21

First of all, you need these tools:

  • Maven 3.9+
  • JDK 21+

Then execute from command line:

mvn package

If you want run Consulo from repository

  • as a desktop application

     mvn install
     mvn consulo:run-desktop -pl consulo:consulo-sandbox-desktop
  • as a web application

    first need build web sandbox

    mvn package -am -pl consulo:consulo-sandbox-web

    then need start code server (since we used gwt as frontend)

    cd modules/web/web-ui-impl-client
    mvn -am vaadin:run-codeserver

    and start web server

    cd modules/web/web-bootstrap
    mvn -am jetty:run

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