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IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition
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.idea Moved sqlite-jdbc library from ultimate to community Apr 27, 2016
RegExpSupport Revert: Better allocation trace for the focus tracer. Deprecation of … Feb 8, 2016
bin IDEA-149864 Switch boot JDK on Windows shouldn't appear since unavail… Mar 11, 2016
build IDEA-154854 Windows installer should offer option to associate IDEA w… Apr 29, 2016
colorSchemes fix ctrl click color for vibrant_ink color schema Apr 11, 2016
community-resources Merge branch 'master' into amakeev/build-number Apr 7, 2016
community-tests make first java 8 modules inherit language level from project default Mar 18, 2016
images FileEditorProvider — add default impl of writeState/readState Mar 24, 2016
java TestOnlyInspection cleanup Apr 30, 2016
jps IDEA-154389 Remove and restore superclass leads to wrong state of Cla… Apr 21, 2016
json jsonSchema: allow JsonSchemaProviderFactory#getResourceFile to accept… Apr 19, 2016
lib Moved sqlite-jdbc library from ultimate to community Apr 27, 2016
license xslt-debugger: license file moved from plugin to common place Sep 11, 2015
native mac launcher cleanup Apr 1, 2016
platform unified exclude/include actions for inspection & find usages tool win… Apr 30, 2016
plugins [groovy] fix blinking test Apr 30, 2016
python Fix exception on Optimize Imports in Jython sources Apr 29, 2016
resources-en inspection description reworded Apr 28, 2016
resources restore action's order of introduce params Apr 19, 2016
samples removed bad obsolete plugin samples (IDEA-117108) Nov 25, 2014
spellchecker jetbrains.dic: "facelets" Apr 26, 2016
tools rebuild JFlex.jar with Java 1.6 Mar 28, 2015
updater Updater: cleanup. Nov 19, 2015
xml fold entities to their char value Apr 29, 2016
.gitattributes auto cr/lf Dec 8, 2012
.gitignore Create standalone IDEA project inside community/python/helpers Nov 13, 2015 fix typos Mar 11, 2015
LICENSE.txt license should show copyright owner (IDEA-152352) Mar 1, 2016
NOTICE.txt use https Dec 19, 2014 readme updated: IDEA 15.0 is now required to develop IDEA project Nov 9, 2015
build.txt Platform: build numbers: support arbitrary number of components in br… Apr 7, 2016
build.xml Allow passing productPropertiesPath to build. Dec 8, 2015
community-main.iml add terminal plugin to community-main.iml Feb 12, 2016
getPlugins.bat android plugin included into community project Sep 10, 2014 android plugin included into community project Sep 10, 2014
test-log.xml [tests] watcher logging enabled Feb 29, 2016

IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition

Building and Running from the IDE

To develop IntelliJ IDEA, you can use either IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition or IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate not older than 15.0. To build and run the code:

  • Run / getPlugins.bat from the project root directory to check out additional modules.
  • If this git repository is not on 'master' branch you need to checkout the same branches/tags in android and android/tools-base git repositories.
  • Open the project.
  • If an error notification about a missing required plugin (e.g. Kotlin) is shown enable or install that plugin.
  • Configure a JSDK named "IDEA jdk" (case sensitive), pointing to an installation of JDK 1.6.
  • Unless you're running on a Mac with an Apple JDK, add /lib/tools.jar to the set of "IDEA jdk" jars.
  • Configure a JSDK named "1.8", pointing to an installation of JDK 1.8.
  • Add /lib/tools.jar to the set of "1.8" jars.
  • Use Build | Make Project to build the code.
  • To run the code, use the provided shared run configuration "IDEA".

You can find other useful information at Contribute section of that site describes how you can contribute to IntelliJ IDEA.

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