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Faktory is a language-agnostic, persistent background job system.

Getting Started?


  • Installation - how to install Faktory
  • The Job Payload - the job payload is the core data structure for Faktory
  • Job Errors - how Faktory helps you handle job errors
  • Security - how to secure Faktory
  • Related Projects - worker libraries and other Faktory-related projects
  • Development - it's open source, interested in working on the Faktory codebase itself?
  • Worker Lifecycle - how to implement a worker package
  • Mutate API - the Mutate API allows you to clean out bad jobs from Faktory
  • Debugging - having problems with Faktory itself?
  • Storage - learn about Redis storage
  • Kubernetes - how to run Faktory with Kubernetes
  • AWS ECS - how to run Faktory in AWS ECS
  • Docker - how to run Faktory via Docker

Faktory Enterprise

Upgrade to Faktory Enterprise for more features and official support.

Commercial Info

  • Licensing - learn how Faktory Enterprise licensing works