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If you want to install binaries, see below. If you want to check out the source and build it yourself, please see the Development wiki page.


Faktory RPM/DEB binary packages are available at the releases page. They work with any 64-bit Linux using systemd. Install them like so:

# DEB distros like Ubuntu
dpkg -i <filename.deb>
# RPM distros like CentOS
yum install <filename.rpm>


> brew tap contribsys/faktory
> brew install faktory
[2 minutes pass]
> faktory


A Docker image is available here:

docker pull contribsys/faktory

In production, you'll want to use a persistent volume so Docker doesn't clear your data when restarting the container:

docker run --rm -it -v faktory-data:/var/lib/faktory -e "FAKTORY_PASSWORD=some_password" -p -p contribsys/faktory:latest /faktory -b :7419 -w :7420 -e production

You can choose not to use a persistent volume in development so your job database will start fresh on every reboot:

docker run --rm -it -p -p contribsys/faktory:latest

Now visit http://localhost:7420/ in your browser to view the web dashboard. Note that Docker for Mac has a 2-3x performance penalty over running Faktory directly but it'll still handle 1000+ jobs/sec. Linux performance should be normal.

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