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June 28, 2023: Thumbnailator 0.4.20 has been released! See Changes for details.

Thumbnailator is now available through Maven!

What is Thumbnailator?

Thumbnailator is a thumbnail generation library for Java.

Why Thumbnailator?

Making high-quality thumbnails in Java can be a fairly difficult task.

Learning how to use the Image I/O API, Java 2D API, image processing, image scaling techniques, ... but fear not! Thumbnailator will take care of all those things for you!

Thumbnailator is a single JAR file with no dependencies to external libraries, making development and deployment simple and easy. It is also available on the Maven Central Repository for easy inclusion in Maven projects.

How simple is Thumbnailator?

Thumbnailator's fluent interface can be used to perform fairly complicated thumbnail processing task in one simple step.

For example, creating JPEG thumbnails of image files in a directory, all resized to a maximum dimension of 640 pixels by 480 pixels while preserving the aspect ratio of the original image can be performed by the following:

Thumbnails.of(new File("path/to/directory").listFiles())
    .size(640, 480)

The fluent interface provided by the Thumbnailator simplifies the task of making thumbnails into a single method call!

No need to access the Image I/O API and manually manipulate BufferedImages through Graphics2D objects. Thumbnailator does all of that for you.

What can Thumbnailator do?

The following pages have more information on what Thumbnailator can do:


Thumbnailator is still early in its development, and the APIs are subject to change at any time.


Thumbnailtor is released under the MIT License.