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What is the Python Toolbox?

The Python Toolbox is a collection of Python tools for various tasks. It contains:

  • python_toolbox.caching: Tools for caching functions, class instances and properties.

  • python_toolbox.cute_iter_tools: Tools for manipulating iterables. Adds useful functions not found in Python's built-in itertools.

  • python_toolbox.context_management: Pimping up your context managers.

  • python_toolbox.emitting: A publisher-subscriber framework that doesn't abuse strings.

  • And many, many more! The Python Toolbox contains 100+ useful little tools.

Documentation: http://python-toolbox.readthedocs.io

Python Toolbox on GitHub: https://github.com/cool-RR/python_toolbox

Python Toolbox on PyPI: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/python_toolbox

The Python Toolbox is released under the MIT license.

Not backward-compatible yet

Backward compatibility is currently not maintained. If you're using Python Toolbox in your code and you want to upgrade to a newer version of Python Toolbox, you'll need to ensure that all the calls to Python Toolbox aren't failing. (A good test suite will usually do the trick.)



Python Toolbox is at version 0.9.3. It's being used in production every day, but backward compatibility isn't guaranteed yet.

Next tasks

Adding more useful tools.


Make a 1.0 release and start maintaining backward compatibility.

Mailing lists

All general discussion happens at the Python Toolbox Google Group. If you need help with the Python Toolbox, you're welcome to post your question and we'll try to help you.

The development mailing list is python-toolbox-dev. This is where we discuss the development of the Python Toolbox itself.

If you want to be informed on new releases of the Python Toolbox, sign up for the low-traffic python-toolbox-announce Google Group.

Python versions

The Python Toolbox supports Python versions 2.7 and 3.3+.

It's tested on both CPython and PyPy 2.1.


Tests can be run by running the _test_python_toolbox.py script that's installed automatically with the Python Toolbox.

When python_toolbox isn't installed, you may run nosetests at the repo root to run the tests.

The Python Toolbox was created by Ram Rachum. I provide Development services in Python and Django