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CORE: Common Open Research Emulator

Copyright (c)2005-2018 the Boeing Company.

See the LICENSE file included in this distribution.


The Common Open Research Emulator (CORE) is a tool for emulating networks on one or more machines. You can connect these emulated networks to live networks. CORE consists of a GUI for drawing topologies of lightweight virtual machines, and Python modules for scripting network emulation.

Documentation and Examples


We are leveraging Discord for persistent chat rooms, voice chat, and GitHub integration. This allows for more dynamic conversations and the capability to respond faster. Feel free to join us at the link below.

You can also get help with questions, comments, or trouble, by using the CORE mailing lists:

  • core-users for general comments and questions
  • core-dev for bugs, compile errors, and other development issues

Building CORE

sudo make install

Building Documentation

make doc

Building Packages

Install fpm:

Build package commands, DESTDIR is used for gui packaging only

mkdir /tmp/core-gui
make fpm DESTDIR=/tmp/core-gui

This will produce:

  • CORE GUI rpm/deb files
    • core-gui_$VERSION_$ARCH
  • CORE ns3 rpm/deb files
    • python-core-ns3_$VERSION_$ARCH
  • CORE python rpm/deb files for SysV and systemd service types
    • python-core-sysv_$VERSION_$ARCH
    • python-core-systemd_$VERSION_$ARCH

Running CORE

First start the CORE services:

# sysv
sudo service core-daemon start
# systemd
sudo systemctl start core-daemon

This automatically runs the core-daemon program. Assuming the GUI is in your PATH, run the CORE GUI by typing the following:


This launches the CORE GUI. You do not need to run the GUI as root.