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C++ QR Code Generator with Qt GUI
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C++ QR Code Generator with Qt GUI


QRplusplus (Alternative: QR++) is a free QR Code generator program created with Qt GUI Framework and powered by Nayuki's qrcodegen library.

A QR Code is a 2D barcode that stores information in data pixels or modules, a black or white pixel, instead of bars.

Not only you can create black and white version, this program also provides an option to create a colored QR Code.




Core Features (Nayuki's qrcodegen)

  • Significantly shorter code but more documentation comments compared to competing libraries
  • Supports encoding all 40 versions (sizes) and all 4 error correction levels
  • Output formats: SVG XML string
  • Open source code under the permissive MIT License

Additional Features (QR++)

  • Portable: no need to install on your computer
  • Lightweight: file size less than 10 MB
  • GUI: Beautiful user interface, easy to use
  • Colorful: 14 colors available (color palette from Google material design)
  • Border: Customizable border size.
  • Multilanguage: Support English, Thai, and Japanese Kanji

Project requirements

Project Files

Form Files

  • qrplusplus.ui

Generated Files

  • qrc_qrplusplus.cpp
  • ui_qrplusplus.h

Header Files

  • BitBuffer.hpp
  • QrCode.hpp
  • qrplusplus.h
  • QrSegment.hpp

Source Files

  • Bitbuffer.hpp
  • main.cpp
  • QrCode.cpp
  • qrplusplus.cpp
  • QrSegment.cpp
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