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CoreShop 2 (Development)

CoreShop 2 - A eCommerce Framework based on Pimcore and Symfony.

CoreShop 1

Looking for the current stable (version 1)? See

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CoreShop is a Bundle for Pimcore. It enhances Pimcore with eCommerce features.

CoreShop Interface


  • Pimcore 5.4


  • Install with composer composer require coreshop/core-shop dev-master
  • Run enable Bundle command php bin/console pimcore:bundle:enable CoreShopCoreBundle
  • Run Install Command php bin/console coreshop:install
  • Optional: Install Demo Data php bin/console coreshop:install:demo

Further Information


You can see a running demo here CoreShop Demo

Backend Credentials


Username: admin
Password: coreshop

Copyright and license

Copyright: Dominik Pfaffenbauer For licensing details please visit


CoreShop Interface CoreShop Interface