The leading enterprise platform for CMS/CMF, MDM, PIM, DAM and E-Commerce
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Pimcore - Own the digital World

Pimcore - CMS/CMF, MDM, PIM, DAM and E-Commerce

Packagist Software License Build Status Gitter

Looking for the previous stable (version 4)?


Bug fixes: please create a pull request including a step by step description to reproduce the problem
Contribute features: contact the core-team on our Gitter channel before you start developing
Security vulnerabilities: please use this form

For details, please have a look at our contributing guide.


Technology and Architecture

Key Benefits and Advantages

Data Modelling and UI Design at the same Time

No matter if your're dealing with unstructured web documents or structured data for MDM/PIM, you define the UI design (web documents by a template and structured data with a intuitive graphical editor), Pimcore knows how to persist the data efficiently and optimized for fast access.

🎛 Agnostic and Universal Framework for your Data

Due to the framework approach, Pimcore is very flexible and adapts perfectly to your needs. Built on top of the well-known Symfony Framework you have a solid and modern foundation for your project.

🚀 Extensible and huge Symfony Community

Benefit from all existing Symfony Components and Bundles provided by the community or create your own Bundles to extend your Projects with reusable components.

💎 Your Digital World consolidated in one Platform

No more API, import/export and synchronization hell between MDM/PIM, E-Commerce, DAM, CRM and your Web-CMS. All is working seamlessly together, natively ... this is what Pimcore is built for.

✨️ Modern and Intuitive UI

We love good looking user interfaces, designed to be efficient for the daily use and optimized for a great experience for editors.

Preview and Demo

Pimcore Admin Interface Screenshot

Basic Demo (CMS)

Username: admin
Password: demo

Advanced Demo (MDM/PIM, E-Commerce, DAM, CMS, ...)

Username: admin
Password: demo

Getting Started

Only 3 commands to start! 😎

COMPOSER_MEMORY_LIMIT=-1 composer create-project pimcore/skeleton:dev-master ./my-project
cd ./my-project

This will install an empty skeleton application, but we're also offering 3 different demo packages for your convenience - of course also with 3 commands 💪 Click here for more installation options and a detailed guide

Copyright and License

Copyright: Pimcore GmbH
For licensing details please visit