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Sesto (abbreviation for Secret Store) is open source passwords (and general secrets) manager for web.

Sesto works on a Python server, when first accessed, serves users Google PNaCl module, which performs cryptographic protection and data management in user browser. This way, it enables strong cryptographic protection of secrets and passwords in your web browser (Google Chrome), so you can gain access to your passwords anywhere, safely.

Read blog post for description of Sesto, it's security model, architecture and some background experience.

Sesto is a proof-of-concept tool developed during Themis/WebThemis development to see how easy would it be to build sophisticated security schemes.

Sesto is licensed as Apache2 Open Source software.

WARNING: Sesto is proof-of-concept code. For industrial usage, it requires significant changes: some proper HTTP server (right now it runs on top of aiohttp), server authentication for client, shared secret management and a lot of infrastructure around. If you're interested in developing something more practical on top of Sesto, feel free to fork the project and drop us a line for help, we'll be glad to.

Installing Sesto

To run Sesto, you will need three things:

  1. Themis library compiled with Secure Comparator support
  2. Python 3.4+
  3. libssl-dev installed
git clone
cd themis
sudo make  SECURE_COMPARATOR=enable insall
cd ..
git clone
cd sesto
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
python3 test_user test_pass

Running Sesto



python3 -v 

to actually see what's going on.

Server will run on port 5103 of the machine you've launched it on.

Test data

There's a test user:

login: testuser
password: testpass

with test database to play around.