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  1. erouska-android erouska-android Public archive

    Fighting against COVID-19 via privacy-first Bluetooth tracing

    Kotlin 202 55

  2. erouska-ios erouska-ios Public archive

    Czech Republic official iOS app for Covid19 contract tracking. It's the only app in Czechia authorized to use Exposure Notifications API from Apple/Google.

    Swift 106 29

  3. erouska-backend erouska-backend Public archive

    Go 14 3

  4. erouska-webapp erouska-webapp Public archive

    Python 12 6

  5. erouska-homepage erouska-homepage Public archive

    eRouška website

    Vue 10 15

  6. erouska-firebase erouska-firebase Public archive

    Firebase serverless backend for Bluetooth tracing

    TypeScript 7 10


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