Fast and expressive use of SpriteKit and GameplayKit
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Carthage compatible


The missing set of utilities, primitives, and bridging to allow for fast and expressive use of SpriteKit and GameplayKit.


Apple releases a lot of frameworks and APIs for developing for their platforms, including some tuned for game development. These are good, powerful frameworks. But the issue is, there are a lot of them, and they don’t come out of the box playing nice with one another. Combining these frameworks to build a full game is complicated, and (if done poorly) a real mess to maintain.

AntlerKit is the missing bridge between these systems. It houses all those Apple frameworks relevant to 2D games under a single, consistent, expressive API. Developers can start making their game do really neat stuff really quickly.

AntlerKit provides streamlined tools for:

  • 2D Rendering
  • Physics
  • Input
  • Audio
  • Scene and Gameplay Management
  • Asset Management
  • Update Loops
  • Timers
  • Mathematics and Geometry Utilities