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CrateDB: Enabling Data Insights at Scale


  1. crate crate Public

    CrateDB is a distributed and scalable SQL database for storing and analyzing massive amounts of data in near real-time, even with complex queries. It is PostgreSQL-compatible, and based on Lucene.

    Java 3.8k 535

  2. crash crash Public

    Crash is an interactive CrateDB command line interface (CLI) SQL shell with autocompletion.

    Python 47 13

  3. crate-jdbc crate-jdbc Public

    A JDBC driver for CrateDB.

    Java 22 25

  4. crate-sample-apps crate-sample-apps Public

    A JavaScript guestbook app with a number of different backend implementations, each using a different client library to communicate with CrateDB.

    Java 62 36

  5. crate-python crate-python Public

    A Python client library for CrateDB.

    Python 75 30

  6. crate-pdo crate-pdo Public

    CrateDB PHP PDO adapter

    PHP 34 20


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