A Python client library for CrateDB.
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CrateDB Python Client

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A Python client library for CrateDB.

This library:


Recent versions of this library require Python 3 (>= 3.4) to run.

Use version 0.21.x if you are running Python 2.7/3.3 or version 0.14.x if you are running Python 2.6.


The CrateDB Python client is available as a pip package.

To install, run:

$ pip install crate

To update, run:

$ pip install -U crate

If you use Python 2.7 or 3.3 with a recent version of pip, it will install only version 0.21.x by default, because newer versions of this package are not compatible with Python 2.7/3.3 any more.


This project is primarily maintained by Crate.io, but we welcome community contributions!

See the developer docs and the contribution docs for more information.


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