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Fork of the official login-servers Adminer plugin with enhancements
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This plugin display a constant list of servers in login form.
It's a fork of the official plugin login-servers for Adminer with enhancements.
Was created for the Neard project.


  • Ability to select a server with different driver.



Copy plugins/login-servers-enhanced.php in the plugins folder.


composer require crazy-max/login-servers-enhanced

And download the code:

composer install # or update

Getting started

Follow the instructions on the official plugins page.
Then just add new AdminerLoginServersEnhanced to the $plugins array :

function adminer_object() {
    // required to run any plugin
    include_once "./plugins/plugin.php";
    // autoloader
    foreach (glob("plugins/*.php") as $filename) {
        include_once "./$filename";
    $plugins = array(
        new AdminerLoginServersEnhanced(
                new AdminerLoginServerEnhanced('', 'MySQL port 3306', 'server'),
                new AdminerLoginServerEnhanced('', 'MariaDB port 3307', 'server'),
                new AdminerLoginServerEnhanced('', 'PostgreSQL port 5432', 'pgsql')
    /* It is possible to combine customization and plugins:
    class AdminerCustomization extends AdminerPlugin {
    return new AdminerCustomization($plugins);
    return new AdminerPlugin($plugins);

// include original Adminer or Adminer Editor
include "./adminer.php";

How can I help ?

All kinds of contributions are welcome 🙌!
The most basic way to show your support is to star 🌟 the project, or to raise issues 💬
But we're not gonna lie to each other, I'd rather you buy me a beer or two 🍻!

Support me on Patreon Paypal Donate


Apache-2.0. See LICENSE for more details.

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