Depict the flow of movement for your next web app using Flowchart Cards
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Flowchart Cards

Depict the flow of movement for your next web app using Flowchart Cards.

Flowchart Cards examples

Flowchart Cards, built in Sketch, utilises Symbols to help build complex UX flows in a jiffy.

Flowchart Cards comes with 44 cards representing a variety of layouts, components, pages and verification states. The movement between cards can be demonstrated with connectors of which their are currently 14 across 4 styles.


  • 44 cards
  • 14 connector types across 4 styles
  • Organised shared styles and text styles
  • Each card exported as a .png with/without labels

Carefully Crafted

Flowchart Cards come with 44 cards. Each one meticulously crafted with just enough detail to get your flow across without encouraging too much conversation around the layout/design.

What's in the pipeline?

  • More layouts, components and pages
  • Templates for easier composition and printing
  • More connector types

Feedback & Suggestions

Together, we can make Flowchart Cards even better! Please get in touch with your feedback and suggestions.

Email: or find me on Twitter @createdbynick