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CRUISE Research Group

CRUISE (Context Recognition, Urban Sensing and Intelligence) is a research group led by Prof. Salim (UNSW, Sydney & RMIT University, Melbourne)

Popular repositories

  1. TSCP2 Public

    Time Series Change Point Detection based on Contrastive Predictive Coding

    Python 49 12

  2. DroTrack Public

    DroTrack: High-speed Drone-based Object Tracking Under Uncertainty

    Python 22 4

  3. ESPRESSO Public

    Entropy and ShaPe awaRe timE-Series SegmentatiOn forprocessing heterogeneous sensor data

    MATLAB 21 4

  4. COCOA Public

    COCOA: Cross Modality Contrastive Learning for Sensor Data

    Python 11 4

  5. Multivariate Electricity Consumption Prediction with Extreme Learning Machine

    MATLAB 9 1

  6. Temporal Segmentation based on Information Gain

    Python 9 5



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