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Riscy Processors - Open-Sourced RISC-V Processors

This repository contains a collection of open-sourced RISC-V processors written in Bluespec System Verilog (BSV).

These processors can be built with a variety of backends to use the processors in different simulation frameworks or FPGA. Currently the supported backends are Connectal and Verilator. Connectal is a generic framework that supports a variety of FPGAs and simulation targets.

Getting Started

How to get started with this repository (tested in Ubuntu 14.04):

  1. Get all the submodules.

     $ git submodule update --init --recursive
  2. Get dependencies for building the RISC-V toolchain and building using connectal.

     $ sudo apt-get install autoconf automake autotools-dev curl libmpc-dev libmpfr-dev libgmp-dev gawk build-essential bison flex texinfo gperf libtool patchutils bc python-ply
  3. Build riscv-gnu-toolchain and riscv-tests. can be used to build custom toolchains by passing the desired RISC-V ISA string in all caps (eg: ./ RV32IMC"). By default, build.shbuilds the toolchaintools/RV64G`.

     $ cd tools
     $ ./
     $ cd ..
  4. Setup environment variables for the Riscy project. You should either use this script from the top-level directory of the Riscy repository, or you should change the variable RISCY_HOME in the script to be the path to the Riscy repository.

     $ source ./
  5. Get a newer version of Verilator. The version of Verilator in the Ubuntu package has a bug that prevents running our BSV designs. We use a PPA to provide a newer version of Verilator.

     $ sudo apt-add-repository -y ppa:jamey-hicks/connectal
     $ sudo apt-get update
     $ sudo apt-get install verilator
  6. Build the multicycle processor using the connectal backend with its verilator target.

     $ cd procs/RV64G_multicycle
     $ make build.verilator
  7. Simulate tests by running ./ and then select the connectal (verilator) backend and which tests to run

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