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JSS has a number of performance advantages.

  • Incremental compilation and rendering (as soon as needed).
  • Rendered styles are cached. Compilation and DOM Rules creation happens only once.
  • Only styles which are currently in use on your screen are also in the DOM (react-jss).
  • Simple class selectors ensure high selectors performance at scale.

Run benchmarks locally

These benchmarks are used to ensure performance after code changes.

However, one test compiles bootstrap library from JSS JSON to a CSS string. On my machine in Chrome ~130KB JSON compiles at 180 ops/sec.

yarn bench

Comparison to other CSSinJS libs


JSPerf JSS vs. CSS

JSPerf bench.

JSPerf simple class selectors

JSPerf bench.

JSPerf inline styles vs. classes

Inline styles are also slower because of a simple fact that same styled items (for e.g. in a list) don't share the same rule.

JSPerf bench 1

JSPerf bench 2