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Wiki-like CTF write-ups repository, maintained by the community. 2014
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31c3-ctf-2014 :books: New writeup for 31c3/pong!
9447-ctf-2014 :pill: Remove a duplicate writeup link. :link: Add more links for 9447/plaid/secu
asis-ctf-finals-2014 :link: Add links to write-ups for asis-ctf/csaw/ncn/seccon
asis-ctf-quals-2014 :link: Add more write-up links for 31c3/asis/defcon/hacklu/secu
boston-key-party-2014 :pill: Underline alternative. #363
codegate-preliminary-2014 add writeup by ppp
confidence-ds-ctf-teaser :link: More links to more writeups
csaw-ctf-2014 :pill: :link: Fix and add a link to some writeups
d-ctf-2014 :books: Adapt d-ctf to 2015 root style.
def-con-ctf-qualifier-2014 :link: Add various writeups for defcon/hitcon/plaidctf and secu
defkthon-ctf :link: Various writeup links for defkthon
ectf-2014 :link: Add more write-up links for csaw/ectf/plaid
ghost-in-the-shellcode-2014 :link: Add writeups for gits-2014/dogecrypt,lugkist,papsmear,trustmemore
ghost-in-the-shellcode-2015-teaser :link: New writeups for def-con/gits-teaser/hack-lu/plaidctf/seccond
gpn-ctf-2014 :floppy_disk: Add files for now near-complete tasks.
hack-in-the-box-amsterdam-2014 :books: Adapt hack-in-the-box-amsterdam to 2015 root style.
hack-lu-ctf-2014 :pill: Rearrange link order - FCFS
hack-you-2014 :link: Add links to phdays-quals writeups and hack-you writeups
hitcon-ctf-2014 :link: Add various writeups for defcon/hitcon/plaidctf and secu
ncn-ctf-2014 :link: Add writeup link for ncn-finals/5h311
ncn-ctf-quals-2014 :link: Add various writeup links to csaw/hacklu/ncn. :books: Add writeup section…
notsosecure-ctf-2014 :link: Add more writeup links for notsosecure and plaidctf
nuit-du-hack-ctf-qualifications :pill: Fix some links. :link: Add some writeups
olympic-ctf-2014 Merge branch 'master' of
phdays-iv-finals :books: New writeups for phdays-finals/breadcrumbs and phdays-quals/mars
phdays-iv-quals :link: Add links to phdays-quals writeups and hack-you writeups
pico-ctf-2014 :books: Sort pico-ctf/ tasks
plaid-ctf-2014 :link: Add various writeups for defcon/hitcon/plaidctf and secu
pwnium-ctf-2014 :pill: Fix reference to numbers-and-shit
qiwi-ctf-2014 :books: Adapt qiwi to 2015 root style.
ructf-2014-quals :link: Add various writeup links for ructf-quals tasks
ructfe-2014 :books: Adapt ructfe to 2015 root style.
seccon-ctf-2014 :floppy_disk: Add binary/octal/decimal/hexadecimal decrypt script for seccon/easy…
secuinside-ctf-prequal-2014 :pill: fix some grammatical errors
stripe-ctf3 :books: Adapt stripe to 2015 root style.
su-ctf-quals-2014 :books: New local writeup for decrypt_the_message!
tinyctf-2014 :books: New writeup for tinyctf/valet!
volga-quals-2014 :books: :link: New writeup for volga-quals web400!
.gitignore :books: Add codegate-preliminary ctf skeletons. :books: Update gitignore. #347 :books: Update root and :books: Add referencd to 2013 repo

CTF write-ups 2014

There are some problems with CTF write-ups in general:

  • they’re scattered across the interwebs
  • they don’t usually include the original files needed to solve the challenge
  • some of them are incomplete or skip ‘obvious’ parts of the explanation, and are therefore not as helpful for newcomers
  • often they disappear when the owner forgets to renew their domain or shuts down their blog

This repository aims to solve those problems.

It’s a collection of CTF source files and write-ups that anyone can contribute to. Did you just publish a CTF write-up? Let us know, and we’ll add a link to your post — or just add the link yourself and submit a pull request. Spot an issue with a solution? Correct it, and send a pull request.


Please read


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