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Highly Flexible Lovelace Card - arbitrary contents/columns/rows, regex matched, perfect to show appdaemon created content and anything breaking out of the entity_id + attributes concept



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Flex Table

hacs_badge Version stable-release-0.7.5
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Installation using HACS (Home Assistant Community Store)

  • Use HACS inside your frontend, if unavailable here is how to install HACS
  • Search for flex-table, hit install, done!
  • Add the appropriate lines as provided by HACS to your lovelace ui config

Installation (as quick, only manual updates, better for developers)

  • Find your home-assistent config-dir (e.g., ~/.homeassistant/) and change into ~/.homeassistant/www (create if needed)
  • Run $ wget to get the .js file
  • Add at the top of your UI Lovelace config (via lovelace ui config or within .yaml)
  - type: module
    url: /local/flex-table-card.js

Quick-Start & Documentation