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Geo Mashup uses the language tools provided by WordPress to enable you to contribute a translation of the interface into your own language.

How it Works

The nuts and bolts are explained well on the WordPress handbook page that explains how to translate WordPress plugins. The Geo Mashup POT file is the starting point for new translations.

Where to send the files

There is an issue for each translation. You can create a new issue if yours doesn't exist yet, or "star" the existing issue to be notified of new comments on it. Translation files can be attached to the issue or any comment on the issue.

Staying up to date

There are language changes in major releases of Geo Mashup, and sometimes minor ones. I'll try to update the Geo Mashup POT file as early as possible before a new release to give translators time to regenerate their PO and MO files. To know when this file changes you can check for new commits.

Thanks for translating Geo Mashup!

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