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@chrisbreiding chrisbreiding released this 16 Aug 18:41

Released 08/16/2021


  • The instructions for recording a run have been updated for some users.
    Addressed in #17317.


  • We addressed an issue that increased CPU usage during video recording in
    Chrome 89+/Electron 12+. Fixes
  • Fixed a regression in 7.2.0 that would
    cause cy.visit() to take longer to fire its load event in some
    circumstances. Fixes


  • Fixed an issue that could cause intermittent OpenSSL errors when the local CA
    cert cache becomes corrupted. Fixes
  • Fixed a regression in 7.2.0 causing the
    menu bar of Cypress to not be clickable in Windows. Fixes
  • res.send of cy.intercept() will no longer override JSON-related content
    types. Fixes #17084.
  • The times option of cy.intercept now works properly with req.reply.
    Fixes #17139.
  • Fixed a regression in 8.0.0 where
    Cypress would always warn that chromeWebSecurity is set to "false" when it
    wasn't. Fixes #17614.

Dependency Updates:

  • Upgraded Chrome browser version used during cypress run and when selecting
    Electron browser in cypress open from 89 to 91. Addressed in
  • Upgraded bundled Node.js version from 14.6.0 to 14.17.0. Addressed in
  • Upgraded electron from 12.0.0-beta.14 to 13.1.7. Addressed in
  • Upgraded url-parse from 1.5.1 to 1.5.2. Addressed in